gn functionality and cost benefits

Functionality Report: Brazil: One certain GN-3 Shaker Outshines 3 in Profitable South America Debut

The new-generation GN-3 triple USA desilter was engineered to supply operators an ideal mixture of higher efficiency, adaptability, enhanced operate atmosphere and reduction in space specifications. Operating in each the progressive and balanced elliptical motion, the compact GN-3 shale shaker is exceptional in that it may well adapt speedily as drilling situations and cuttings volumes modify.

To quantify the functionality and cost benefits of the GN-3, when compared with conventional shale shakers beneath the ever-changing drilling circumstances and specifications, an aggressive comparative field trial was undertaken about the Diamond Ocean Star semi-submersible rig, which generally employed 4 cascade shakers. The test may very well be carried out throughout the remainder inside the OGX 1-OGX-28-D-RJS exploration correctly in Brazil?ˉs Campos Basin. The field test represented the initial use around the GN-3, offshore in South America.

For the comparison, one unique of one’s current rig cascade shakers was removed and replaced with an GN-3, which was installed with no HSE incidents. This configuration allowed the three rig shakers to become applied in conjunction with all the GN-3, because of this enabling the collection of aggressive comparison information and facts. The key objectives in the test had been:

Test the flow handling capacity in the GN-3 desilter in comparison using the existing rig cascade shakers.

Prepare a qualitative assessment around the solids handling and conveyance capacity around the GN-3 shale shaker in comparison with the current rig cascade shakers.

Measure the screen life of your GN-3 shaker and examine it towards the screen usage of the existing rig cascade shakers and historical GN-3 screen usage data 3 tests had been performed which involves all round functionality, screen life and QHSE perspectives, the single GN-3 shaker surpassed the three existing rig shakers in all the head-to-head comparative evaluations. Even when outfitted with bigger API designation screens, the GN-3 did not expertise the regular flow restrictions within the previously employed four-cascade shaker configuration and correctly processed in the complete nicely flow cost. The GN-3 exhibited its capacity to adapt conveniently towards the rapid ROP encountered in each the top rated and intermediate successfully intervals.

For the duration of drilling from the 12 ? in. section, all the shakers removed a cumulative 561.75 bbls (89.311m3) of cuttings, excluding any washout around the open hole. The single GN-3 shaker processed 75%, amounting to 421.31 bbl (66.98 m3) from the total cuttings removed within the 12 ? in. hole, even though the 3 rig cascade shakers combined processed the remaining 140.44 bbl (22.33 m3).


Further, throughout 12 ? in. interval, the screens with all the 3 existing cascade shakers skilled catastrophic failures, even though the GN-3 screens were repaired very simply and returned to service. Whilst the GN-3 processed 75% of one’s total flow in each the intervals tested, in comparison with all the three cascade shakers it accounted for only 33% in the damaged screens that had to be scrapped. When calculated for comparative screen life, the GN-3 screens realized a 12-fold higher service life and utilization compared to the rig cascade shaker screens, thereby saving drastically in connected screen cost.

The general general overall performance with all the GN-3 via the comparative field trial was practically nothing at all speedy of exceptional, effectively validating its operational and economic benefits. Via the trial, a single GN-3 appropriately processed nearly 300 additional bbl of cuttings than 3 cascade shakers combined employing the utmost in reliability and screen life. If you would like more information, please visit here.


Introduction to working with GN desander

DCQJ250x2/100×12 shale shaker  installation Note: 1, the DCQJ250x2/100×12 mud cleaner installation location on the scene relatively flexible, you can choose in a cone-shaped grit, grit removal tank tank tank, in addition to the mud tanks. But for the best experience play a clean sieve, suggest that drilling fluid cleaner mounted on tapered on the sand tank. 2, in place, around the device should leave room for adequate operation and maintenance of the access routes and equipment base solid reliable pad pad. Special reminder: installation, be aware of desander, desilter liquid inlet suction tank discharge, overflow tank should be aligned with drilling fluid circulation order, otherwise it will reduce the desander and desilter purification effect!

DCQJ250x2/100×12 desander operation: 1, cleaner desilter group at boot before use check that the cone valve is already open, or open enough amount of cone. 2, cleaners, desanding unit as long as the liquid supply pressure is maintained within the specified scope that is working correctly. 3, after the startup work should always check for fluid pressure is normal, piping and connections are leak. Observation of sand and mud removal cone end of stream discharge, spray should be the best, so you can clear as much as possible harmful solid and wear of Cyclone is smaller. Or you can switch to a different size of underflow mouth to adjust, by machining methods increase the underflow mouth size. If there is an endless stream of timely review and troubleshoot. There are online retail stores which offer helpful guidance in selecting the right machine, Click this link.



The GN desander is used in the production design of drilling fluid solids control system

GN’s Desander under ideal conditions, the bottom flow spillage Angle between 20 ° to 30 °. In addition to the mud cleaner, after each stop the pump should be idle plant 5-10 minutes, at the same time the screen mesh with a small amount of water to wash clean. Especially in the slurry viscosity, using a fine mesh screen, more should do so, otherwise stay stuck on screen and fine after working, will plug mesh hole, influence the treatment effect.  In addition to the mud cleaner cumulative when running 4000 hours, should inspect or replace the cone cyclone tube, spiral case wearing parts, etc.

desander  is GN america  company  can be solid control, which is used in the production design of drilling fluid solids control system of level 3 solids control equipment, in addition to the mud cleaner is the combination of vortex desilter and vibrating screen, silt cleaner designed according to the principle of particle sedimentation, the drilling fluid separation medium through sand pump produce certain pressure and velocity, along the spiral into the cyclone wall, coarser particles under the action of centrifugal force and gravity, the cyclone wall spiral sink, from the bottom eduction, falls below breakdown vibrating screen separation, has risen in a spiral along the hydrocyclone, the rest of the media from the overflow mouth into 4 centrifuge separation equipment further purification treatment. material is a popular Steel for many of these equipment. The difference will eventually be in your favor as you’ll be the one who will end up shining in the herd.


The desander installation and debugging: Mud cleaner consists of vibrating screen, tap manifold, and other components of the cyclone, the sand pump pulp out of the mouth and desander into liquid pipe bend with 6 “rubber hose connection, bend into the fluid can be around the vertical axis of rotation at any Angle, the overflow of the desilter symmetry on both ends of the tube, can be used as the overflow port. 8 “to install the rubber tube drainage to another drilling fluid tank.

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GN drilling waste management higher pace design

Solid-liquid separation is the important link in the process of waste drilling fluid processing, reduce the water content in the waste, the greater the proportion of the means of solid residual volume is smaller, the smaller the required processing costs can also, can effectively control the processing cost, economic benefit. Has developed in recent years, domestic orifice plate filter press, filter transmission belt dehydration machine, horizontal spiral centrifuge dewatering device, such as promoting the improvement of the drilling waste management .The processing route is to make the collection of waste sewage pool natural sedimentation, the free water of natural sedimentation after conventional wastewater treatment; To silt part at the same time as the flocculant, coagulant aid for chemical processing, and then through centrifuge, filter belt hydroextractor, orifice plate filter press dewatering device makes the solid-liquid separation further, finally, after the separation of solids and moisture curing processing and drilling waste management .

All of us began dealing with CPPE for that Solids Elimination Device because ’09. Prior to dealing with GN Solids Manage, CPPE required the actual dirt recycling where possible program through ALL OF US or even European countries businesses, right now GN Solids Manage may be the Main Solids Elimination as well as  drilling waste management   device provider with regard to CPPE. Working with the largest HARD DISK DRIVE Contrator within The far east provides all of us much more encounter with regard to performing the actual most difficult work within HARD DISK DRIVE business. The Solids Elimination Device may be requested the higher solids content material, particularly along with lots of good solids. GN Solids Manage supplied the actual 4 stage solids elimination device for that task through Shale Shaker, in order to Desander in order to desilter, as well as finnally towards the Decanter Centrifuge.

drilling waste management-2

The  drilling waste management  about us is actually proficient at production solids manage techniques with regard to gas and oil drilling, HARD DISK DRIVE, CBM. Numerous techniques tend to be personalized. All of us created truck installed techniques as well as hydraulic jack port upward techniques with regard to simple transportation  in one drilling website to a different. GN Solids Controls dirt program is actually change from the absolute minimum 150GPM dealing with capability in order to 1500GPM. E mail us for any entire answer for the drilling website solids manage.

Shale Shaker with regard to Drilling liquids

GN Shale shaker through GN Solids Manage. GN may be creating as well as production a complete type of Main Shale Shakers set up. And also a total type of Alternative Displays. Shale shaker such as linear movement as well as well balanced elliptical shale shaker.

Shale shaker utilized in drilling liquids processing, generally known as shale shaker, vibration gear with regard to blocking drilling cuttings from the blood circulation drilling liquids. It’s main objective would be to get rid of as numerous solids as you possibly can without having getting rid of extreme levels of drilling liquids.

Nevertheless, Solids Manage right now additionally enhance the 4th era shale shaker, GNPS well balanced elliptical shale shaker with regard to customer’s high end upon drilling dirt refinement as well as blood circulation. In contrast to additional linear movement shale shaker.

Shale shaker fashioned with Higher  Pressure, with realignment, bigger display region, long lasting as well as dependable, much less impact impact, high end, reduce sound.  Shale shaker popular within drilling liquids splitting up upon gas and oil nicely drilling, HARD DISK DRIVE dirt program, municipal building, energy nicely drilling, and so on. Furthermore, GNZS shale shaker offered to a lot of customers each household as well as oversea, obtained great suggestions as well as higher status. If you would like to know more informations about us, please visit our website immediately.


gn desilter dealing with capability

The actual dealing with capability through 40m3/h in order to 270 m3/h. The actual below drinking water duration in the event that absolutely no unique needs it will likely be 1.3~1.5m. Based on pumped moderate and also the dirt source you will see numerous raise, effectiveness, pace, engine energy, and so on. problems upon particular submersible slurry pump motor.

Following prepared through Desilter, the actual dirt is going to be pumped in order to Desilter through an additional pump motor. After which prepared through desilter. Whenever desilter surface finishes the actual dirt digesting the actual dirt is going to be pumped to wash area with regard to an additional recycling where possible program with regard to constant procedure.


Generally you will see followings to become included. For example, 80YZ50-10, it’s capability is actually 50~60m3/h because giving pump motor with regard to 100t HARD DISK DRIVE retains 200GPM dirt program. After that 100YZ100-30 with regard to 200t, 300t, Obviously, depends upon numerous HARD DISK DRIVE the actual submersible slurry pump motor will need various capacity to complement dealing with capability need. Click it can help you enter into our website, we will solve your problems encountered.

Furthermore, additionally there is the particular customer additionally requirements the actual Desilter. Because it’s dealing with capability is actually 200GPM, the actual slurry pump motor is actually transformed to become Desilter. This retains dealing with capability because sixty m3/h. Exact same along with 80YZ50-10 submersible slurry pump motor. Select GN Desilter due to simple transport and much more comfort. Our network service platform providing the highest quality consulting services and the most authoritative data, look forward to your visit: