GN solids control can offer a hugely efficient shift

solids control can substantially enhance the mud properties and save the mixing bentonite,solids control is moving particles dispersed in water along with the degree of hydration is determined by: the electrolyte content material inside the water, time, temperature, surface replacement with the amount and also other situations inside the identical case, use the solids control equipment can save 30% or additional.

GN solids control can offer a hugely efficient shift to accelerate breeding polymer method. Shearing the polyers eliminates fish eyes and prevents polymer chaining(lengthy strings)

GN solids control is obtainable for two sorts of drive:belt-driven or diesel-driven. Also, solids control attain the international advanced level within the shear pump efficiency and energy-saving up to 10% than the other brand.

Having a hopper, solids control transfer line orifice plate make up the mixing program.GN solids control specializes in drilling fluids pump JQB series of solid pump control shift within the drilling market place competitive situations, which significantly shortens the dirt configuration will undoubtedly bring economic rewards.

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