Oilfield Mud Cleaner Technique for Offshore Drilling

A single total set of oilfield two mud tank systems for offshore drilling was just finish the production. The customers did lots of comparison and finally pick GN solids handle to perform with their customized drilling waste management. GN engineering group function applying the clients’ specifications for DNV regulations around the style, production and certificates.

This genuinely is a regular two tank oilfield mud tank system with 1 specific Mud Recycling Tank plus a single Mud Storage Tank. This Oilfield Mud Tank Method consist of three phase solids manage gear – shale shaker, mud cleaner with desander and Desilter cones and gas removal gear degasser and mud gas separator (poor boy degasser). The client demands a screw conveyor for transporting the drilling cuttings off the shaker, and you can click the link below to see the exact info: http://www.gnsolidsamerica.com/compan-profile.html.

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GN will likely be the major AIP certified manufacturer based in China with subsidiary in Houston, TX USA. GN chief engineers has greater than 20 years knowledge within the design and style and tank pipe line configuration and GN advanced manufacturing facility guarantees the premium high-quality solutions. Please ordinarily do not hesitate to acquire in touch with us for all those who have the following request:

  • OIL & GAS Drilling—-Mud Solids Handle & Waste Management
  • HDD & CBM Drilling —-USA Mud cleaner
  • Mining & Industrial—-Slurry Separation Plant

mud gas separator Unit Ship to Canadian Drilling Business

Not too long ago, security unit mud gas separator (poor boy degasser) and solids control unit decanter centrifuge was shipped to Canada marketplace. GN solids America is really a branch located in Houston which can be an power city. GN Solids America solutions the whole American, not merely do the sales, but in addition offer the technical assistance for American. Canada is definitely an significant industry for the GN Solids America
Mud Gas Separator
It is actually utilized in rich-gas filed because the protected guard. Degasser circulates the drilling fluid by removing the dangerous gas. Hazardous gas will be sent to the vent line of separator and subsequently connected with flare Igniter to burn out. In accordance with consumers? requirement, we fabricate the mini size the mud gas separator which take compact space inside the drilling site and correctly kick out the risky gas. It specialize within the compact drilling site
Diamond Drilling Unit Decanter Centrifuge
Our GNLW223 Decanter Centrifuge has the certain design and style which is only 9inch length for the diamond drilling corporation using the high speed, skid-mount and competitive price. It truly is widely applied by diamond Drilling web site.
Also, we provide the shale shaker, mud cleaner, various centrifuges, vertical cutting dryer, centrifugal pump etc. Please make contact with us when you are considering our gear.
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Compact GN Drilling Mud Agitator for Piling

Piling projects are common and common in numerous places of world. That’s why every year, GN Solids sells tens of Mud Agitator for Piling projects. GN Solids America has quite a few optional standard units offered.
Comparing with Oil and Gas drilling systems, solids control method for piling is much less customized. Equipments utilized in a standard capacity program is comparably steady. And because the separation result for piling mud treating program isn’t so higher, the treating procedure is much less complicated also.
GN has following table with typical Mud Agitator and corresponding equipments for choice:
Model GND-50 GND-120 GND-240
1 Capacity 50m3/h 120m3/h 240m3/h
2 Tank dimension 2.1×1.5×2.6m 3.05×2.0x1.2m 3.6×2.1×1.2m
3 Total Power 16.5Kw 32Kw 48.88Kw
4 Cutting Points 25 micron 50 micron 50 micron
5 Shale Shaker Model GNZS753( upper700x1250mm) £¨lower 2x750x900mm) GNZS753
( upper 700×1250)
£¨lower2x750x900) GNZS705
6 Desander Pump N/A GMZ100-30-120£¨30KW£? 100ZJA-33£¨45KW£?
7 Desilter Pump GMZ65-20-40(15KW) N/A N/A
8 Matching Pump 50YZ50-12 £¨5.5Kw£? 100YZ100-30£¨22Kw) 150YZ250-40B(37Kw)

When you have interest in above Mud Agitator, welcome to get in touch with me. If you consider above systems not rather match your jobsite condition, also welcome to make contact with me for customized solution. Besides mud recycling systems for Piling, GN also provide specialist HDD systems and solids control systems for Oil and Gas drilling rigs.

How to match mud agitator in mud tank: http://drillingmudcleaner.com/how-to-match-mud-agitator-in-mud-tank/
Mud Agitator adjustment refer to fig V: http://desanderdesilter.com/mud-agitator-adjustment-refer-fig-v/