Solids Control Systems for 750HP Workover Rigs

Last week, GN Solids Control has delivered to Middle East market equipments for complete systems for 4 sets of 750HP Workover Rigs, in around 2 months, such mentioned equipments will be seen working there.

For this order, such equipmentsare included:

  1. 8 sets of Shale Shakers, each 2 sets works as a couple. ,with model GNZS594E-HB.

This model of shale shaker uses 4 pieces of shaker screens, with a longer separation route and a better separation result. Shaker screens’ frame is composite material, for a longer service life.

  1. 4 sets of vacuum degasser GNZCQ270, unless US or European degassers which use an extra large power feeding pump. Such GN vacuum degasser haveself contain function.
  2. 4 sets of desander.
  3. 32 sets of centrifugal pumps.
  4. Mud guns, mud agitators and mixing hoppers.

In fact, lots of drilling companies are cooperation with GN, some purchase complete line from GN Solids Control, some purchase equipments from GN and source and design tanks in their local market. Some of them now using US or European brand equipments like Derrick and MiSwaco, and use replacement screens from GN Solids Control, they say they will consider GN’s equipments in future projects.

In field of oil and gas drilling and solids control and waste management for such projects, years before the world was occupied by European and US suppliers. But in recent years, Chinese companies are having louder voice. There are rig companies like RG, SG, HH and etc, and international standard solids control company GN. That’s why lots of drilling companies are now purchasing from China the rig package, it not only saves time for them, but also, saves money.

GN Solids Control is looking at the world in a international view, it has established branch company in USA, in name of GN Solids America, and started office is Russia, and cooperating with partners in Australia, Middle East, Africa and South America, in order to provide customers with one stop service.

May you need more information regarding solids control equipment or about GN, pls contact us freely.Solids Control System 7

Desilter general information

The desilter is the third step control equipment of the whole solid control system. Its function to deal with the solid debris with diameter of 15-44um, and to ensure a proper treatment of the processed drilling mud in the next step.


Initial preparation of the desilter

Put the desilter base horizontally and use four pressing plates to fix the base on a suitable place of the tank. Take a note that the outlet of screen box should be 20-30mm out of the tank.
Connect the inlet and outlet holes by hose or steel tube. The inlet pipe need to be fit with outlet pipe.

Loose four vibration bolts. When transport, the bolt need to be secure.
Check  there is any bolts that is loose. Check the vibration rotating axis is moving smooth. If there is any fault noise, the problem should be solved at that time. After all the initial check that all things are function properly, the equipment can be start to work.
Connect the belt with motor and turn on the power, check whether the rotating direction of motor is correct.

The operation of desilter

Start with the shale shaker first, then turn on the desilter. Check whether the exhaust pressure can match the requirements and check the results of desilting, check whether there is any possible of leaking.
Check  the rotating direction of motor is consistent toward to the arrowhead on the shield.
Check the pressure gage works properly in a allowed pressure range.
Adjust the bottom flow nuts to make the bottom flow jets shoots the mud out smoothly.
When stop the operation, the drilling fluid should be cleaned out to avoid solidification. Clean the shaker screen with water and check each part.

The maintenance of desilter

Check and confirm the connection and sealed parts.
Check the cyclone cylinder to see the jet situation and pressure.
Repair or change the damaged, leaking or abraded cyclone cylinder.
Check whether the jet nozzle is broken. Check the inside of the cyclone cylinder and if need, change the damaged parts.
Clean the feed head.
When stop using for period of the long time, every parts that contain drilling fluid should be cleaned through, avoid stockpile of sand inside the equipment.
The lubricating grease should be injected into the vibration motor every 1500-2500 hours. The volume to be injected each time is 5-10ml.
When stop using, the shaker screen should be cleaned with water to avoid solidification to ensure max useful screen life.