Mini Decanter Centrifuge for Diamond Drilling

It’s broadly acknowledged that GN mini decanter centrifuge gets popular within the Diamond drilling area. Especially, Canada, US, Chile and Peru possess the special geologic structure for diamond drilling as you will find a lot of solids throughout the drilling process. Also, they require reuse water for additional programs. Therefore, GN small decanter centrifuge plays a huge role in separating solids and reuse water. However, small footprint is actually convenient for operator delivery in one jobsite to a different working place.


The main reason GN small centrifuge is continuing to grow into among the world’s respected centrifuge.


  1. GNLW223 decanter centrifuge is patent design small dimension that is only 9 inch bowl diameter and 26 inch length. Also, GN clients enjoy lower operating and maintenance costs because small centrifuges deliver elevated solids handling.


  1. The bowl materials are SS304 by centrifugal casting, and ceramic tiles protection around the screw impeller and solids discharge port remains safe and secure through the tungsten carbide material.


  1. You will find three choices for GN clients including primary fixed speed model, VFD( Variable Frequency Drive) model and hydraulic motor. We have to point out that speed from the centrifuge bowl is modified having a VFD control and also the motor drives the bowl by V-devices to lessen torsional vibration.


  1. Although centrifuge is produced in China, but GN Solids America Houston team service their equipment set up in the United States. Our engineers are tips from problem-fixing probably the most challenging working atmosphere and industrial programs. Then they used this extensive area experience to create the industry’s most dependable and performance centrifuges.


Regardless of what core drilling or diamond drilling, GN Solids America not just supply the decanter centrifuge, but additionally give you the complete mud recycle system integrating shale shaker, mud tank and hopper centrifugal pump. GN is the best mud recycle partner to utilize.

553 Decanter Centrifuge 1


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