Features of Solids control mud cleaner

Mud cleaner is a 3-in-1 machine. It is the combination of solids control shale shaker, a desander machine and a desilter machine. The desander cone assembly and desilter cone assembly are mounted on a under flow shale shaker.

GN Solids Control is one of the leading manufacturer for solids control equipment mud cleaner. GN made mud cleaner have a wide application on various applications. It can be used for oil and gas drilling mud solids control systems. It can also be used for slurry separation system. Like in dredging slurry separation system, a number of shale shaker and mud cleaner will be used. Mud cleaner is also used in CBM drilling (coal bed methane), HDD drilling (horizontal directional drilling), piling and micron tunneling.

GN Mud Cleaner

Features of GN made mud cleaner:

1) Polyurethane Material desander and desilter cone for long lifetime.

2) Removable desander and desilter cone assembly mounted on the shale shaker top, when removed the cone assembly, it can be used as a separate shale shaker.

2) Patent  design shaker deck angle adjustable device. It is mechanical type adjustment for the shake deck angle changing, more reliable then the hydraulic type. During working, when operators change either side of the shaker deck angle, both sides goes up and down meanwhile. It is much user friendly and welcomed at the jobsite.

4) Patent design sealing rubber for the shaker deck. It is replaceable and easy for maintenance. It can protect the shale deck well and extend the shale shaker screen lifetime. You do not need to change it duringg screen changing. You only need to change it when needed. Normally, 2~3 time every year.

5) The Shaker bottom deck is made from Stainless Steel for long service life.

6) The complete shaker deck is treated by Heat treatment for High G force operation.

7) Pretensioned Shaker screen for fast screen changing.

8) Famous Brand Vibrating Motors : IEC Ex, ATEX and UL Certified are available.



5 sets GN Vertical Cuttings Dryers shipped to Africa

GN Solids Control has been manufacturing vertical cuttings dryer for many years. As the primary solids control and exercise cuttings equipments manufacturer, GN is the first manufacturer that can provide cuttings dryer that will deal with OBM and WBM at the same time.
Now GN companies about 250 to three hundred sets decanter centrifuge yearly, as well as 50 sets cuttings dryers. GN Solids Control has won many substantial projects due to the excellent performing performance and long time use. GN experienced engineers are usually ready to provide professional help support to global clients.

This specific African client has bought 5 sets vertical cuttings dryers from us. They have got 7 land drilling rigs in various areas. Before they will purchased these equipments by us, they were renting solids control and drill cuttings equipments from other companies. While they have many years on web-site experiences, they are pretty well reputed for what equipments can meet up with their demands well. When they sourced many large producers in the world, and they compared several US or Europe brand names with Chinese brands, these people finally chose us. Those equipment they purchased usually are including the following:
1 . GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer using a skid: 5 sets
All of these 5 sets dryers can be found on the skid, which are pre-loaded with flushing pumps. They can be relocated conveniently due to the compact framework. There are 3 types screen baskets can be chose to individual solids in different size debris. The smallest solids can be connectors out is 250 microns.
2 . GN Decanter Centrifuges: 14 sets
These fourteen sets centrifuges including adjustable speed centrifuge controlled simply by pressurized VFD control field as well as fix speed. GN also provides 14 pieces positive displacement feeding sends to feed these centrifuges.
Now there are some large clientele such as Shell, Baker Barnes are using GN centrifuges and also cuttings dryers to treat the particular OBM and WBM.

GN Solids Keep Stock With regard to Shale Shaker, Mud Cleaner and Decanter Centrifuge in Houston

GN Solids Control sell a series of solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment including up and down cuttings dryer, shale shaker, screw conveyor, screw pump, oilfield shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander and desilter, vacuum degasser, poor son degasser, decanter centrifuge, mud tank, mud agitator, and so forth GN Solids Americal commonly keep stock for GN main product and shale shaker, mud cleaner and also decanter centrifuge always keep commodity there to service neighborhood client.

The shale shaker is the first phase cleansing for drilling mud, three decks and 4 outside patio’s shale shaker is the initially phase cleaning at a hundred to 400 micron in addition to above by 40 nylon uppers shaker screen or higher nylon uppers size. The frame style shale shaker screen design for quickly replace of shaker screen during drilling. The shale shaker can be installed desander and or desilter cyclone to get finer treatment and quatity can be customized depending on buyer requirement. All GN shale shake is linear action and G forth not any higher than 7. 5 H, the deck angle adjusting between – 1 in order to + 5 degree simply by wheel adjustment.
America solids control equipment
Decanter centrifuge is the forth phase cleaning implement for separate solids 3 to 7 microns determined by model choose, the high velocity decanter centrifuge separate solids two to 5 microns and midsection speed centrifuge separate solids 5 – 7 microns. The GNLW363 centrifuge is one of popular model in GN Solids America and cure mud flow 30 cubic meters per hour at a couple of to 5 micron separate simply by 3200 RPM rotating velocity. Please contact GN Solids America for more information or inquest of GN stock shale shaker, mud cleaner as well as decanter centrifuge.

GN Screw Propeller and Rotating Bowl for Decanter Centrifuge

GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is a world famous leading manufacturer. Every year there are around 300 to 350 sets decanter centrifuges are made by GN. GN decanter centrifuges are especially designed to separate the drilling fluids, no matter it’s OBM, WBM or SBM. All the drilling cuttings come from shaker, desander, desilter can be feed into GN decanter centrifuge for further separation.
GN decanter centrifuges have some different types to meet customers’ demands. Generally speaking, GN centrifuges can separate solids that larger than 2 to 5 microns.

If we separate the decanter centrifuge by the diameters of rotating bowl, there are 4 types: 9 inch, 14 inch, 18inch and 22inch. As we all know, the higher of the rotating bowl, the finer of the drilling cuttings can be separated out. Rotating speed varies from 0 to 5000rpm.
The rotating speed of the decanter centrifuge can be controlled by a fix speed control cabinet or a VFD control cabinet. The motors and control cabinets are explosion-proof. For different working sites, GN centrifuges have different certificates such as Ex d II Bt4 or IEC to meet the anti-explosion standard. When use the VFD control panel, an extra air compressor need to be used to pump air into it: One is for anti-explosion, the other is for cooling the working temperature.
GN also provides rotating bowl and screw propeller for OEM manufacturers. GN rotating bowl is made of stainless steel 2205 with the technology of centrifugal casting. Solids discharge ports on the rotating bowl are embedded with ceramics for wear resistance. GN screw propeller is also made by stainless steel. Tungsten carbide tiles are fixed on the edge of the screw propeller by using bolts. These tiles are made of anti-wear materials; they can be changed easily once it’s broken. In order to enlarge the treating capacity, GN engineers left some grooves on the screw propeller.
GN would like to work with decanter centrifuge manufacturers and provide the screw propeller & rotating bowl to them. Welcome to connect with GN Solids America LLC for the North America cooperation.

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Keep Tune on GN Solids Control, What Have Been Done in 2015

It is another productive year, a big order knocks the door of this. In the beginning, EMEC, our partner from Egypt, after taking time to test our centrifuges, finally come to GN from US suppliers, they purchased about 40 centrifuges in total, and the first one is more than 30units.

Then as we all know, oil price keep going down, market is down. We are holding the project, the project has been delayed is the most often answer we heard from client.

Good news is the Chinese government published the new environmental protection regulations. We need handle the drilling waste. Which makes half of the market live again. While thanks to the seed we have planted, GN have been in study of the vertical cuttings dryer and other drilling waste management equipment long time ago. Which makes, again, GN stand in front of all Chinese manufacturers, to supply the high quality waste management products to the local market.

A few dozens vertical cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuges, and dewatering unit have been sent to the Chinese drilling site.

So as the old saying, when the flower blooms outside of the wall, the people inside can smell,  the big Chinese contractors finally comes to GN, finally realised and found the best equipment supplier here. One of the best.

Another benefit also thanks to the down time market, more and more Europe or US contractors finally get more and more interested in good quality Chinese suppliers. Since this could be one way to save cost. If can supply same quality with more competitive price, why not keep themselves in the perception of made in China. A lot of people have gave it a try. Maybe you all also should do.

After Baker Hughes choose GN Solids Control products, more and more big players in the market comes to us, come to our yard, comes to our site, they want to find out what makes Baker feedback that these products even better than US/ EU products.

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Bore Pile Construction Mud System

For the bore piling, we have a compact efficient demanding unit design, to separate big particles by the bottom shaker of the double deck shaker, and then separate particles bigger than 75microns by desander, then go through the top deck shaker screen. For different project, may need different screens, sometimes even need big hole sieve screens. While it separate only 75 micron or bigger solids.

Which also means if you need better result, other equipment will be needed, de-silter, decanter centrifuge, or even chemical enhancement system. Also if for environmental protection, may even need drilling waste management unit to make the waste a better way before it is dumped, or shipped to other place.
“Bore Pile Construction Mud System”的图片搜索结果
In some project, may need find a way to make the cutings dryer, like use High -G dryer shaker, to make it easier for truck transportation.
Or sometimes engineers will prefer the whole system, not just a demanding unit, like the compact one for HDD projects. Use shaker for the first step separation, then desander, / desander cleaner, then desolater, then centrifuge.

We also made some customised design for CPP, use double deck cleaners, both shaker are double deck shaker, and top deck used as mud cleaner screening equipment. Then the centrifuge, for cleaning the fluid. It will also be a good modular design.

Nowadays, more and more countries are investing on the civil constructions, subway construction, and so on, which makes the demanding unit more and more popular.
Recently, GN Solids Control shipped several units of Desander Machines for bored pile construction to Asia countries include Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Singapore and China . This compact design desanding plant is a cost-effective solution for mud recycling for the construction projects. The desander machine can be used for bored pile foundation or TBM as well as the horizontal directional drilling projects.

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Big selection Applications of GNLW Series Decanter Centrifuges

ecanter centrifuges are already working as very vital equipment for separation since then it came out years ago, it can be widely used in many industries, like the food industry, chemical marketplace, pharmacy industry and gas and oil industries.
Divided by the varieties, the decanter centrifuges may be defined as horizontal decanter centrifuge and also vertical decanter centrifuges. The running principles are same that utilizing the different centrifugal forces put on the different size supplies, a certain sized particles are usually separated out. In gas and oil industry, horizontal decanter centrifuges are commonly used while each uses Vertical Cuttings Dryers while watching horizontal decanter centrifuges. GNLW series decanter centrifuges comforters all necessary sizes and also applications used for oil and gas going, such applications including pursuing:
1 . GNLW452, 18 inches diameter of bowl, major bowl centrifuge, middle velocity. suitable for solids control software in oil and gas drilling, particularly for barite recovery. Barite is actually heavy and expensive going material in the drilling liquefied and could be suitable for re-use if it is well recovered. This particular model of GNLW Centrifuge is frequently fixed speed as regular configuration, but it still has several optional speeds by modifying the pulleys and devices

2015.5.20 centrifuge for SINOPEC
2 . GNLW363, 14 inches diameter of bowl, most in-demand size in oil and gas going, high speed up to 3900RPM, it offers a superior the most applications among all GNLW centrifuge models, in case of set speed GNLW363, GN developed 3 optional speeds while using experiences in previous plans, and end user could select via using different pulley and belts. In case of VFD controlled, GN also have two optional VFD control panel to get option, the speed could be arranged from 0 rpm in order to 3200 rpm.
3. GNLW453-VFD decanter centrifuge, 18 inch serving diameter big bowl centrifuge, with larger length dimension ratio as above mentioned GNLW452, higher speed and for extra good particles comparing with GNLW452, but with larger treating volume than GNLW363.
4. Huge big bowl centrifuge GNLW553C-VFD with 22 inch pan diameter, which is no doubt a huge guy in centrifuge household, and GNLW223 decanter centrifuge using only 9 inch dish and a very high speed, the industry baby member in GNLW centrifuge family.

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