Machinery use in solids control system

Drilling fluid serve as lubricant for the drilling bit and it needs filter the solids that produce while the drill bit drilling into earth.  While drilling into the earth, broken solids from the underground mix into the drilling fluid will decrease the lubricant performance and will cost damages of the drill bit that will also result drilling operation on hold that leads increase of operation cost. The solids control machinery ensure the solids separation to ensure the continues operation of the drilling rig to achieve consist operation cost and time efficiency.  Shale shaker, Vacuum degasser, mud cleaner and centrifuge are the basic machinery to achieve the filtrations of solids for the drilling fluid.


Shale shaker is the first step solids control machinery to filter the drilling fluid that filter the large solids by continue shaking force by motors and various API numbers of shale shaker screen.  While it is the first step of filtrations, the result will determine following machineries’ filtering process.


Vacuum degasser is use pumps that create suction of pressure in the vacuum tank.  The bubble in the drilling fluid need to remove cause the harmful gas that might cause explosion and need the balance of chemical compound of the drilling fluid.


Mud cleaner is continue process of the filtration after the shale shaker by eliminating smaller solids that pass through shale shaker screen. The desander, desilter and shale shaker combine as mud cleaner and use different of API number screen to achieve mid level of filtration solids fluids.


Centrifuge is machinery use centrifugal force by rotating in rpm force to achieve remove finest solid, recovering barite and controlling the density and viscosity of the drilling fluid to make sure the drilling fluid is debris free as much as possible so the drilling fluid can be return back to the rig.

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Drilling liquids Bentonite and Barite

Drilling liquids is also known as drilling mud. It’s very important in drilling activities. It may lubricate drilling bits and remove drilling cuttings in the wellhead, and chilling the drill bits.


Bentonite and Barite are the normal chemicals utilized in fabricating drilling liquids for drilling rigs. However, many people don’t know the main difference from the 2 types of chemicals.


Here is a simple description from the 2 chemicals.


Drilling liquids Bentonite


Drilling liquids bentonite has good suspension property, thixotropy, low fluid loss, and also have good performance to obtain mud. It’s convenient for all, and simple to regulate the proportion of drilling liquids (drilling mud). With those characteristic, drilling liquids bentonite is the perfect base mud material for deep well drilling and offshore drilling activities.


Drilling liquids Barite


Drilling liquids barite can be utilized to weight the mud. In certain oil and gas drilling activities, normally, drilling mud and clay possess a proportion of 2.5, the proportion water is 1, therefore the proportion of mud is gloomier, sometimes mud weight can’t be balance using the subterranean oil, gas pressure. It may lead to blowout accident. In the situation of subterranean ruthless situation, it’s important to improve the proportion of mud. Its function measures to include barite into drilling liquids. Barite utilized for drilling liquids ought to be as fine as 325mesh or even more.


Drilling liquids bentonite and barite is putting on material for drilling activities. There’s an enormous use of them. To be able to save cost and stop pollution to atmosphere, solids control devices are utilized for drilling liquids recovery.


Solids control equipment is used for removing the drilling cuttings and doing drilling mud purification


4-stage Solids control equipment is utilized to recover the drilling liquids barite: Shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge.


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Water based drilling mud treatment

Water based drilling mud is one of the most widely used drilling mud in drilling area. In comparison with oil based drilling mud and artificial based drilling mud, water based drilling mud possess a smaller pollution on atmosphere; it’s relatively less expensive, and simpler to create the drilling waste.

Generally speaking, mainly 2 types of system will be utilized to water based mud in drilling area: drilling mud system.

Solids control equipment for water based drilling mud management system

1) The first step equipment shale shaker, recommend GNZS549E shale shaker

2) The 2nd and third step equipment mud cleaner. It’s a mixture of desilter, desander and under flow shale shaker for compact the design. Customer can select various model mud cleaner for every drilling capacity request. Sometimes every different jobsite request, customer can also select separate desilter, desander without or with underflow shale shaker.

3) The 4th step is the decanter centrifuge. The jobsite normally use lower speed decanter centrifuge, and/or perhaps a high-speed decanter centrifuge for fine solids control.

Drilling cuttings treatment for water based drilling mud

1) High G drying shale shaker, GNZS594HGE. It’s a four-panel shale shaker with similar alternative shaker screen with Swaco Mongoose shaker.

2) High speed Decanter centrifuge for drilling waste management system, having a telescopic skid underneath

3) Screw conveyer to deliver the drilling cuttings

In some instances, if you find an excessive amount of fine solids within the liquids phase from drilling waste decanter centrifuge, also it can’t be separated by decanter anymore, dewater unit is going to be utilized.

Dewatering unit with dewatering centrifuge is usually utilized for water based mud drilling cuttings treatment. It’s accustomed to supply chemicals to polymerize the fine solids into bigger size that centrifuge can separate.

After solids control separate, drilling waste separate, and/or dewatering treatment, the clean liquids could be moved to mud tank system for drilling. Or maybe there’s no drilling activity, the liquids could be moved directly to slurry separation company for waste water treatment.


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