Decanter Centrifuge Package for Solids Control Industry

GN Solids American is devoted towards the way to obtain quality equipment and fast service. GN Solids American a complete selection of decanter centrifuge manufacture offering 9 inch bowl, 14 inch bowl, 18 inch bowl and 22 inch bowl decanter centrifuge. GN Houston purchase and repair center is supplying the entire centrifuges after-purchase service.


GN Centrifuge Simple Working Principle:


The centrifuge is given with a feeding tube, that is a hollow shaft associated with the screw. As lengthy as drilling liquids makes its way into feed compartment and it is faster to enter the rotating bowl. Once solids walk inside the bowl, centrifugal energy forces heavy solids choose the bowl wall and subsequently released. The liquid will fill the bowl of liquids dam and flow out.


Lately, we’ve offered three teams of GNLW363 14 inch bowl centrifuge, some 22 inch bowl centrifuge and some 9 inch bowl centrifuge to Middle East.


  1. GNLW363 centrifuge is GN Classic centrifuge that is 14inch bowl diameter and 50 inch bowl length. The effective capacity is 132gallon/minutes with IEC explosion proof standard. Tungsten carbide tile protection and top brand bearings assure the superior quality


  1. GNLW553 may be the greatest centrifuge in GN centrifuge series. 400gallon/minutes capacity with advance VFD user interface will come across and exceed most customer expectation. It mainly utilized in the gas and oil drilling application and dewatering system.


  1. GNLW223 may be the small centrifuge that is only 9 inch bowl small footprint. High rotating speed and stable working performance are welcomed through the the majority of gemstone drilling company. It is an expert to split up the fine solids from drilling liquids.


Except individuals models, GN also increases the 18 inch bowl centrifuge for recycling drilling liquids. Presently 100s of GN decanter centrifuges will work worldwide to make a quality value to contractor. With experienced engineer and innovative technology, GN is capable of doing growing value for your project.

553 Decanter Centrifuge 1

The Recycling system of Solids Control Equipment

We’ve spoken about GN mud recycling system for ZJ 70D rigs, in the previous discussions, all of the tools including tanks happen to be acknowledged. Today we wish to share you some information on the recycling procedure for this complete mud system for ZJ 70D rig.


The drilling mud originates from well is sent to those two shale shakers concurrently or individually. Mud is treated through the shaker in the beginning normally the solids diameter as much as 100 microns could be separated. Then your treated mud is flowing towards the sinking compartment.


To be able to have a healthy and stable atmosphere from the drilling mud, it has to exhaust the interior gas ahead of time. By utilizing vacuum degasser, the gas in mud could be removed. Then your mud is overflowed to desander compartment by overflow funnel. Mud can be treatable by desander cyclones, whose mud is given with a centrifugal pump. Then the mud is treated by desilter clones, the solids could be separated towards the diameter below 20 microns.


Through the separation of shale shaker, desander and desilter, the mud is comparatively clean, but it isn’t enough when you want to make use of this mud for drilling. Each one of these mud is going to be given by submersible pumps to 2 decanter centrifuges. Usually the first is medium speed, while the second is high-speed. It is because the very first decanter centrifuge can be used for separating probably the most solids inside a great quantity, and also the second decanter centrifuge can be used for separating much finer solids. With these two decanter centrifuges, the solids diameter can achieve to two microns to five microns. This clean mud could be overflowed to purified compartment by overflow funnel.


Simultaneously, the clean mud could be weighted for deep drilling usage. With this part, we’ll talk is the next time. If you have questions regarding GN mud recycling system, thanks for visiting give us a call directly or simply send us an email at

800gpm mud recycling system