Intro of CIPPE

As we all know CIPPE China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition has been rooted in the petroleum and petrochemical 14 years. With these 14 years of growth and success, CIPPE has grown into the largest exhibition in the petroleum industry. CIPPE establish and provide an international platform to boost the world’s petroleum and petrochemical industry as the focus and emphasis on oil industry equipment, technology and business integration. It is also an international, high media exposure stage to showcase their products for manufacturers, buyers evaluate and decide their purchase plans. CIPPE2014end up with great success, CIPPE2015 was held at the 26th to March 28th, and similarly it also got great success.

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Every year, CIPPE attracts exhibitors from around the world. At last year’s event, more than 1,500 from 65 countries participated in the 14th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition; more professionals in three days 60,000 people visited the exhibition. In addition, CIPPE established 15 international pavilions, including the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Canada, Denmark, Italy, and Russia.


In 2015 CIPPE, CIPPE has extended shale gas fields. Since shale gas development has swept the country, more and more companies join the ranks of shale gas development. In addition CIPPE2015 increased the area “deep blue high-tech.” From now on, oil and gas drilling, land is changed from the sea, from the shadow of the deep sea. More importantly, the purchasing groups will increase. CIPPE has focused on an invitation from rich Middle East, the Americas, North Africa, Southeast Asia and other petroleum resources in the regional purchasing groups globally accessible CIPPE. This year, a growing number of purchasing groups will be here.


GN Solids Control has participated CIPPE like before, this time GN has shown their high end equipment, economic mud recycling system and drilling waste management systems. There are many domestic customers and international customers that have great interest in GN products. GN is the shining star in CIPPE.

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GN Solids Control System & Mud Recycling System

Where there’s a gas and oil drilling, where there’s the solids control system. For any safer and much more cost-effective drilling, the drilling companies are utilizing solids control system once they do drilling activities. Solids control product is accustomed to neat and remember the wasted drilling mud for recyclable use. For other type of drilling, we normally known as it mud recycling system. GN solids control is the first solids control system and mud recycling system manufacturer which is licensed by API certificate in China and it has exported to almost 60 nations.

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Generally, you will see four stage treating equipment for solids control system. The main stage devices are shale shaker that will separate relatively bigger solids from the mud after which desander and desilter, using different size cyclones to split up relatively small contaminants out(sometime the mud cleaner with mixture of desander and desilter will be employed to replace desander and desilter in order to save space. The forth stage devices are decanter centrifuge that will separate the ultra-fine contaminants out, usually from 2microns to 7 microns. For drilling depth below 4000 meters, one medium speed decanter centrifuge is sufficient to clean the mud while for much deeper drilling, there’ll always be a higher speed decanter centrifuge to separates contaminants between two to five microns out. For other drilling, normally we use shale shaker and mud cleaner or simply desander or desilter to deal with.


GN offered two teams of mud system for geothermal power drilling. The first is 1000gpm to poultry another is 500gpm to Kenya. Except the 2 teams of mud system for geothermal power drilling, GN also offered 4 sets solids control system for COSL and 4 sets to Russia as well as some 200gpm Solids control system to Mongolia in 2014.

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