Decanter centrifuge and Vertical cuttings dryer working in the rig site

Lately GN shipped 6 sets decanter centrifuges and 3 sets vertical cuttings dryer packages for Africa drilling companies. This can be a repeat order with this client that has bought 4 sets decanter centrifuges in February, 2014 and obtain good performance within their rig site, so that they repeat order 12 months later. Along with these drilling waste management devices, the customer also purchased a complete liquid mud plant with 7 mud tanks.decanter centrifuge 3

GN solids control offered over 200 models of decanter centrifuge in 2014 for drilling application and drilling waste management in the liquid mud plant and rig site. The most crucial reason behind the repeat orders from your customers is:

1 competitive cost

2 good performances within the jobsite: the majority of our clients sent us PO once they checked our other clients’ rig site. Good performance and liable quality is an essential point to allow them to come to a decision.

3 Longer service existence material: GN unique designed decanter centrifuge lasts longer throughout operation, because we use better material, for instance, the security from the screw is tungsten carbide tiles, not the standard way-only spread welding the tungsten alloy at first glance. The SKF bearing can make sure the reliable quality.

4 Fast post sales services: We’ll provide immediate after-sales service for just about any problem solving. And our professional engineers will fly for your jobsite for brand spanking new installation and commissioning.

The vertical cuttings dryer is a component of the special designed frame with eliminating pump placed on the skid. You are able to adjust the peak for operation and transportation

The decanter centrifuge could be placed on the mud tank or liquid mud plant; it is also placed on the frame when it’s utilized for drilling waste management application. GN solids control provides customized the perception of sauce frame, so we have our standard frame for option.

GN has showed the vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge package in CIPPE 2015 oil show in Beijing and OTC 2015 oil show in Houston, they are welcomed by the customers around the world.



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500bbl mud storage tank for oil and gas drilling

500bbl mud storage tank is a common size mud tank for oil and gas drilling rigs. I can be used for mud mixing system or mud storage system. For HDD or CBM drilling, they normally do not use such big size mud tank.

Below is the parameters of GN design 500bbl mud storage tank, it is rectangular Mud Tank built as per API specification Schedule 40:28 E

Mud tank usable capacity: 500 bbl approx.

Compartment quantity: the 500bbls mud tank can be divided into 1~3 compartments (Depends on customer request.)

Capacity of each compartment: 250 bbl approx.

Mud tank dimension W x H x L: 13500×3000 x2650mm Or customized dimension.

Electrical agitator model GNJBQ150-DD, with 36″ impeller, 2-layer impeller. 20 HP driving motor, 460V – 60 HZ, RPM 1750 or 380V – 50 HZ, RPM 1450.

Electrical mud agitator quantity ¨C 2~4 each, with 2~4 each mud gun

Sufficient agitation to mix up 17 ppg mud. Bottom mud guns installed quantity ¨C 4 each. Bottom mud guns installed size 2 in, model GNNJQ50A-3G, 3-nozzle mud gun.

6″ suction and 4″ discharge line on either end of the tank with female cam lock connection to other tanks.

4″ drain line with butterfly valve – 2,

8″ Equalizing valve between compartments- qty 2~3. Depends on compartment quantity.

Cover with Grating top, collapsible hand rails surrounding, dual access- escape ladder

Skid: It is skid Mounted 3 runner oilfield skid with V crimp walls, it is easy for oilfield movement.


Other advantages of 500bbl mud storage tank for oil and gas drilling

  1. Sand Blast Treatment before painting.
  2. External paint and internal coating
  3. Bottom painting for anticorrosive: Two pack Epoxy zinc, thickness 75 ¦Ì
  4. Middle painting: Two Pack Epoxy hi-build containing anticorrosive pigmentstwice, thickness 250 ¦Ì
  5. Surface painting: Surface pigmented with high quality light fast PU pigments, thickness 70 ¦Ì
  6. Standard: API&ISO Certified Manufacturer

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GN Solids America rental business

GN Solids America LLC is located in Texas and is the branch company of GN Solids Control, GN Solids America is acknowledged by increasingly more gas and oil companies.

GN Solids Control has an experienced engineer’s team that focused on solids control equipment and drilling mud system for several years and GN has supplied many sets of whole project solutions for clients around the world. From solids control in gas and oil industry to drilling waste management systems, as well as other drilling mud cleaning systems including Horizontal directional drilling industry, CBM industry, Bored Piling and TBM industries, there exists a great quantity of effective projects around the world.


Now to be able to help the American clients cash more confidence about GN solids control, GN Solids America has opened the rental business in USA.

There is lots of solids control equipment in Houston warehouse can be found now, for example GN decanter centrifuge, GN shale shaker, GN mud cleaner, GN vertical cuttings dryer and GN vacuum degasser. We offer the rental service for all that above equipment, so GN clients can rent them for trial use. All of the repair and maintenance work is going to be transported by GN engineer.

Now GN Solids America continues to be focusing on this rental service for many clients, GN decanter centrifuge and GN shale shaker are extremely popular. After used GN equipment, our customers are quite pleased with the performance and also the maintenance service. A number of them are prepared to purchase our devices after several months’ usage.

GN Solids America keep some storage in Houston warehouse, right we now have 4 shale shakers, 2 mud cleansers, 2 decanter centrifuges can be available. In the future, we will keep a big storage in order to promote the rental service.

If you have any inquiry and question about the rental service, please make a call at +1-713-878-0880 or you can visit GN Solids America at 6710 windfern road, Houston, Texas 77040.


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