GN 500 GPM mud recovery system for HDD and CBM rig

500GPM is really a normal size mud recovery system utilized for horizontal directional drilling or CBM drilling rig. China top solids control manufacturer: GN Solids Control offers different plans 500GPM system to suits for various customers’ demands. All below standard GN 500 GPM mud product is turnkey solution. The machine has lighting system and electrical control system for direct use.

Option 1: GNMS-500B mud recovery system, double deck shaker with 6m tank.0224 500gpm mud recycling system

It’s an economic standard system suits for customer who desires 500GPM system but don’t need large storage or very fine separation. The machine is by using 2 phase separation. It’s having a double deck shale shaker, with desilter cone on the top from the shale shaker. The underside screen can be used like a shale shaker and also the top deck screen utilized as a desilter. A mixing product is built within the system. There’s no agitator or mug gun for that system. It has compact design and effective price.

Option 2: GNMS-500G mud recovery system, shale shaker, and mud cleaner with 10m tank.

It’s 3 stage separation systems having a middle size storage tank. There’s a shale shaker because the 1rst stage separation. A mud cleaner with 1 ea. 10’’ desander cone and eight ea. desilter cone. A mixing product is built-in the machine. As well as an agitator along with a mud gun for that system.

Option 3: GNMS-500GL mud recovery system, shale shaker, mud cleaner with 12m tank.

GNMS-500GL mud recovery product is with similar equipment with GNMS-500G. Because the tank is larger size, there’s an additional agitator and mud gun for that system.

Normally, there are three methods for the desanding unit for connecting using the trenchless drilling rig

1) The standard condition is, the operator can search a mud pit at the drilling rig. Dirty mud from drilling rig would go to mud pit for settle lower first. You will see a slurry pump sump in to the mud pit and transfer mud from mud pit to shale shaker. After which, centrifugal pump can transfer mud from shaker tank to desander after which desilter.

2) An alternative choice is the fact that, you will see a little tank before shale shaker as alternative of mud pit. Dirty mud from well mind would go to the settle lower tank first, after which moved to shale shaker through slurry pump.

3) There’s several jobsite, the mud will flow to shale shaker from Horizontal directional drilling rig machine, much like gas and oil drilling rig. It’s not normal in horizontal directional drilling rig site layout.

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GN Shaker Screen for Global Clients

GN Solids Control is an extremely famous company focusing on solids control and drilling waste management systems for several years. Many famous customers are using GN tools in addition to GN solids control turnkey systems.

Through the establishment of GN Solids America and GN Solids Russia, GN Solids Control is supplying its top quality equipment and systems to in more than 60 nations.shaker screen1

Now GN can design and manufacture shale shakers with linear motion, vacuum degassers to get rid of gas within the mud or drilling liquids, desilters and desanders for finer solids separation, vertical cuttings dryers for OBM, WBM or SBM drying work, decanter centrifuges for two or three microns solids separation etc. GN is able to manufacture various kinds of mud tanks, mud plant, square tanks, v type tanks etc. Each one of these tanks could be put into use with excellent performance.

As you may know, GN Solids Control is manufacturing many different types of shale shaker screens. Many well known brands shaker screens could be changed by GN shake screens.

Everyone knows that Derrick, Brant, etc are famous shakers screens, GN can also be one famous manufacturer to provide various kinds of shaker screens. For GN shakers, GN has one sort of shale shaker that is 594, this shaker are utilizing the same size shaker screens as Mongoose replacement screens. And today GN Solids America is keeping certain storage in GN Houston warehouse. Whenever our clients have the requirements of shaker screens, GN can send our shaker screens straight to our customers’ worksite in a brief period.

And GN Solids America is keep making storage plans for normal clients, we are able to add it into our storage plan if you’re able to inform us the API no. or mesh no.

GN also keeps many other devices in Houston warehouse besides these shaker screens. Tools for example shale shakers, mud cleansers and decanter centrifuges are saved in GN Texas warehouse, call if you’re interested.

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3 phase Decanter Centrifuge for Oil Sludge Separation

3 phase decanter centrifuge is broadly utilized for oil sludge separation to release the dry solids and recovery oil weight loss as you possibly can, in the meantime, water is recycled for reuse. Before feeding, we need to heat the initial material to become liquidable.

You will find 2 situations:decanter centrifuge 3

1 The oil sludge comes from oil storage tank bottom or mud pit bottom, the majority of the sludge is okay solids, with this situation, 3 phase decanter centrifuge happens to be an option.

2 The oil sludge comes from drilling site; many of them are drilling cuttings, GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryer works by doing this. After separated by GN vertical cuttings dryer, the oil content around the cuttings is going to fewer than 5%, in certain nations, the solids could be landfilling, the recovered oil with water, fine solids could be separated by 3-phase decanter centrifuge or GNLW363VFD 2 phase decanter centrifuge to split up the fine solids and obtain clean oil.

We’ve both vertical cuttings dryer and 2 phase decanter centrifuge stocking in Houston for fast shipment and customer’s inspection and rental service. Please contact our sales in Houston at 713 320 3868/713 878 0880 for visiting.

Working principal of three phase decanter centrifuge:

3 phase decanter centrifuge can separate 3-phase: solids phase, light liquid phase, heavy liquids phase with the process below: Using the centrifugal G force, the heavies phase-solids phase is drived through the screw conveyor to small finish and released from solids discharge port, the solids is dry enough to become shipped by truck. The Two different density liquids will flow to large finish and released from various effluent port-heavy liquids port and lightweight liquids port. Therefore the different 3 phase are separated.

GN manufactured 2 phase separation decanter centrifuge is broadly utilized for drilling liquids strategy to solids control system and drilling waste management system.

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GN Solids Control is getting an excellent start filled with new orders

Right before the Chinese New Year, GN has sent 20 sets decanter centrifuges to loading port, these centrifuges has arrived in various nations in Middle East and Africa. To be able to finish this order in time, GN manufacturing department has worked around clock not for much more than 50 days.

Of all the devices utilized for gas and oil solids control and waste management, Decanter Centrifuge could better show a manufacturer’s capacity for creating. Every year, GN produce around 150 sets centrifuges, and 70% of individuals are released.

What Centrifuges does GN produce?

  1. High-speed Decanter Centrifuge GNLW363C series decanter centrifuge. This centrifuge is 14 inch bowl decanter centrifuge, and incredibly popular size and style. For the similar model, GN has greatest configuration and economic configuration available. The greatest configuration is appropriate for waste management use as well as regarded as perfect as dewatering centrifuge. The economical configuration is appropriate for separating the fine contaminants for solids control system. For every configuration, you will find fixed speed and VFD controlled available.
  1. Middle Speed Decanter Centrifuge GNLW452, having a 18 inch diameter bowl. In some instances, it’s regarded as large bowl centrifuge. It’s perfect used for recovery the barite in solids control system. It’s just one motor, along with a middle speed of 1800RPM.
  1. Large Bowl Decanter Centrifuge GNLW553VFD Centrifuge, with 22 inch diameter bowl, and 71 inch lengthy. It’s a bigger sized GNLW363C decanter centrifuge.
  1. Baby Centrifuge, GNLW223, the bowl diameter is just 9 inch; it’s generally utilized for gemstone drilling or some mining projects.

553 Decanter Centrifuge 1

Among individuals above pointed out decanter centrifuges, GNLW363CG-VFD is the greatest seller. This is always utilized for drilling waste management systems and various other devices for more treating the drilling cuttings from the solids control system. For WBM systems, they always utilize high-G dryer shaker, as well as for OBM and SBM, they always utilize vertical cuttings dryer. Both pointed out extra devices can be found by GN Solids Control.

May you’ll need more details, please call us freely.