Drilling Cuttings Drying Equipment with Frame Convenient Installation on Tank

Currently, the clients in the drilling niche for drilling cuttings drying management are searching for some equipment to handle their waste cuttings that is got in the drilling rig site. GN’s equipment specifically for this project is offered more attention.20150421101534830

In GN’s normal cuttings drying system, the cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge is a component of a skid. The centrifuge could be situated on the catching tank, as the verti G dryer could be made to be based on one set frames. Here the decanter centrifuge is not far from the top tank, there’s no space between the foot of the centrifuge and also the catching which ends to difficulty to see the solids discharge and also the liquid effluence flow lower towards the catching tank. It really is bothersome for operation and maintenance.

On thinking about making GN’s equipment simple for operation and all sorts of processing could be visual, GN has designed the cuttings drying out equipment having a frame support beneath itself. Similar to the Hi G dryer shaker that is a primary cuttings drying equipment with better performance for water base mud cuttings. The shaker base chair was created just like a hopper where bottom there’s a outlet making all of the liquid might be collected and led to some catching tank. This shaker might be installed both around the tank or separated stand on the floor with a few hose hooking up using the outlet.

The centrifuge can also be with 4 legs. By setting up this centrifuge around the tank, the operators have adequate space for connecting the solids and liquid discharge port using the auger or even the hose.

In GN’s latest drilling cuttings system, the verti g cuttings dryer and centrifuge both could be based on one set frame. The peak from the frame can be adjusted according the particular site conditions. In a high location, the effluence out of the cuttings dryer and centrifuge could flow lower naturally with no feeding pump is involved.

GN has the capacity to supply the drying out solution for water base and oil base mud drilling cuttings. Any interests welcome connect with us.

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