GN drilling mud recovery mud cleaner substantial praised by California customers

Solids Control mud cleaner is essential in the mud cleaning system for acrylic rig. A good performance mud cleaner should be capable to healing as much drilling fluids seeing that can. As the drilling water cost money. Clients want to recuperation as much as he can for using again to save money.
As the clients anxious, if the mud cleaner are not able to performance good, the important drilling fluids should be flood and comes out of the system. Moreover, there are mud pushes in the system to absorb mud from tank towards the drilling hole. If the drilling cuttings cannot remove from your fluids, they will go into client’s shear pump , and damage their shear pump. It should be big problem is a shear pump is closed show. It will waste a long time for repair. It expense significant amounts of money per hour to the rig companies. And the shear pump is cost very good. They will not allow the drilling currently being shut down. It will ruin their own jobs.

GN Mud Cleaner
As all previously mentioned reasons, the reliable functionality of a mud cleaner is really important for a fluent drilling practice. GN solids control design and made mud cleaner can fully fulfill the request of the drilling rigs. As a California client highly regarded (, GN Solids Control mud cleaner is perfect for the career. Sometimes, they will run the actual mud cleaner for 24 hours each day and 3 months without prevent, everything is fine, there is not perhaps small issue during the procedure. The California clients get GN mud cleaner years ago. Firstly, these people only buy 1 fixed GN mud cleaner since the competitive price. But later on they found, it is really a great investment. Till now, they have above 10 sets GN mud cleaners. It is more than well deserved the money. If they run the kit continually for 6 months, it costs much, but after that, just about all is profits. When they make use of GN mud cleaner along with shale shaker at their client’s jobsite, their clients are happy with its reliable effectiveness. And they can get more careers from their clients.

GN Solids Control is attending OTC necessary oil show

OTC oil demonstrate is much close, which will be maintain in 2-5 May, 2016, in Houston, TX, US. After about 3 month’s preparation, GN Solids Control is ready for the big event today. We have two booths at this time there to deeper our manufacturer influence and we bring our own key equipment to show generally there, including latest model decanter centrifuge, latest model top to bottom cuttings dryer, High Gary the gadget guy drying shaker, shaker screen, mud cleaner. etc . The visitors may feel the high quality and high quality technology equipment by coming in contact with and watching the real products at the event.

1) 14inch bowl size decanter centrifuge
This size centrifuge can be popular as the wide plan and good price. Often the GNLW363 14inch bowl centrifuge is equivalent to Swaco 518 CENTRIFUGE / Derrick DE1000 centrifuge. But the price of USA centrifuge is much higher than our brand name. We target on quality market and overseas industry. The price is much better when compared with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA brand, but our cost is relatively higher than other The far east brand centrifuge.
2016 OTC decanter centrifuge
2) GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryer
GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryer is employed for drilling cuttings cure at rigsite or on one mud plant position where all cuttings transportation to the center location regarding final treatment. After remedying of GN vertical cutting h dryer, the oil upon cuttings can reduce to down below 5%. This is same operating performance as CSI dryer or SWACO dryer. GN vertical cuttings dryer actually put into market for over many years, and the mature product is reaping helpful benefits more drilling service businesses, good price, stable performing performance and less maintenance.

3) High G drying shaker
High G drying shaker is same as normal shale shaker. Just the G pressure is bigger. This model is mostly used for water structured mud drilling cuttings remedy. After treated, the necessary oil on cuttings can be decreased to about 10% to be able to 20%.
GN composite substance screen, replacement for Swaco Mongoose shaker screen will be additionally showed at the OTC affair.
If you come to the OVER-THE-COUNTER, pls send us email address to make an appointment. My electronic mail ID: roy@gnsolidscontrol. co , appreciate your sharing reading.

GN shaker and centrifuge order regarding Africa Client

Even the necessary oil price is lower, and marketplace is still down. We nonetheless receive some small purchases to support life. The small requests added to help us make it through in the cold season. All of us thanks for the orders during the wintry time and definitely will support together with best price and trustworthy technical support.
1) Shale shaker from Clients
The client can also be end user for the shale shaker . The client get one liquid mud plant which will supply over 5 territory rigs at same time. On the other hand, the client also recycle a number of drilling mud and drilling waste from the rigsite. The consumer need to use shale shaker to treat the drilling squander management in first step to separate the solids particles. Then, they are drilling to use high speed decanter centrifuge to separate the small ones. Following these treatment, the thoroughly clean drilling mud can go back in liquid mud plant to get reuse.
The clients likewise buy some shale shaker screens, and other one year encouraged spare parts for backup. Whenever you want, the spare parts may meant for the operation.
decanter centrifuge 3
2) Decanter centrifuge to get liquid mud plant
The actual clients choose high speed, shifting speed, high configuration decanter centrifuge, GNLW363CG-VFD. The centrifuge is GN star centrifuge, which have a 90% product sales amount in all centrifuge orders placed. The centrifuge bowl rate can be adjusted from some hundred or so to 3200RPM. The differential speed can also adjusted through 25 to 43. The actual pump feeding speed will also be adjusted with the PLC screen panels.
The high speed centrifuge can be used for solids control, mud cleaning system , waste drinking water treatment, solidification unit, dewatering decanter centrifuge etc . On a yearly basis, we sell over two hundred sets of GNLW363 collection decanter centrifuge, matched with good quality screw pumps to get feeding the decanter centrifuge.

The clients buy a single sets variable speed centrifuge and 1 screw pump for feeding centrifuge and in addition one year spare parts as copy.

As China leading solids control manufacturer of solids control equipment & drilling waste management equipment, GN Solids Control will surely support every client with high quality devices & reasonable price.