GN Shaker Screen Stock Plan (B)

We are discussed on the GN shaker screen distributor agreement ahead of, today we would like to pick up in which topic can continue the conversation.
4. GN Supplier has the right to return greatest 500 pieces brand new GN shaker screens to GN houston warehouse at GN Distributor’s cost, return time is 7 days before the finish of the first year’s share agreement, example: if GN Distributor and GN fixed the stock agreement with Aug. 10th, 2016, in that case GN Distributor can give back maxmim 500 pieces coming from Aug. 3rd to August. 9th, 2017. All expense related to returnning those projection screens to GN Houston stockroom will be borned by GN Distributor.
5. GN solids control  takes those returned GN new screens. Stock plan will probably be proceed based on GN Distributor’s screen demands, so GN Distributor stock qty. could reach to 1000 bits at the end of the first cooperation 12 months.
6. This stock deal between GN and GN Distributor will be valid for just two years unless GN in addition to GN Distributor decide to lengthen the cooperating period. Every one of the balance credit will be determined and paid at the end of the 2nd cooperation year within a week.

shaker screen1
Notice: For some screens which not used a lot particularly for those old screens for example National screens, they are usually not supplied in this stock agreement, fully need to be paid before production. But for the other shale shaker projection screens, such as repalcement Venom window screens, Mongoose screens, Derrick window screens, GN Solids America LLC has no problem to commodity for you.
In the future, GN Solids America LLC will share composite material type (replacement Venom or Mongoose) to get GN distributor. Compare to typically the metal frame screens, blend material screens can be stacked for a longer time (you could inventory for over 2 years without any damage), the life period is lengthier and the separating performance is more preferable.

Do it yourself Waste Management Equipment regarding Cuttings, Smart Choice to get Rig Site

In the past a long period, the requests for surroundings protection are higher than ahead of in both domestic China as well as oversea countries, it became a new trend globally. Some creating countries like Nigeria get legal conflict with some globe oil giant on surroundings issues and won the particular lawsuit and the oil huge faced large amount of penalty. The idea alerted all the related organizations, not only the oil corporations but also the drilling businesses and oil serve organizations, because in most of situations, the penalty is possibly higher than the possibly charge one paid on the waste material management solutions.
As one of the foremost solids control manufacturer as well as drilling waste management solution lending institution, GN Solids Control offers designed and produced regarding clients some drilling cuttings waste management systems depending on OBM and WBM correspondingly. For the WBM, it is high-G drying shaker GNZS595HGE-LD and also high speed decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG-VFD, while for the OBM the particular system contains GNCD930C straight cuttings dryer and GNLW363CG-VFD decanter centrifuge. Like the GNCM series waste management programs including the main equipment, pushes and storage tank.

But since recent request, the screen between the water based mud and oil based mud devices are not so clear while before. Because in order to save drilling cost, at shallow phase of drilling, the drilling contractor may use water structured mud while the drilling is certainly drilling deeper, they change into oil-based mud. How to deal with this? To order 2 sets of devices for both OBM as well as WBM is clearly a great abuse of money. So , so as to help clients to solve this challenge, GN has come to a number of solutions like modular tools, each single one could perform its own role separately and straightforward to move, and as a total, they might be used together as lessons per jobsite condition.
For more info, welcome to contact GN crew directly.

GN’s Slurry drilling mud system

GN Solids Control is probably the largest solid control as well as drilling waste management companies which usually specializes in manufacturing the similar equipment, such as shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, mud gas separator, decanter centrifuge, agitator, centrifugal pump, cutting dryer, screw pump, shear pump, mud gun and so on. Immediately after 10 years development, GN offers promoted its products to 60 countries and now additionally, it established two overseas subsidiaries, US and Russia.

drilling mud system
Not long ago GN formally introduced the four solid control and also dewatering system, and slurry dredging system is one of these. Now we will introduce typically the configuration and some features to your account. According to the customer’s working situation and requirement, the system can be made into skid fastened or trailer mounted. The actual system mainly consists of the particular course shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge intended for 3 to 6 stages connected with separation according to customer’s demands. The working process is like this specific: the dredged slurry circulated from the pit or water tunnel, first the slurry will go through the scalping shale shaker, the solids such as trash, can, leaves, gemstone and so on will be separated through the slurry and the slurry may drop to a tank, then slurry will be sucked with the centrifugal to the desander, as well as desilter’shydrocyclone, in the hydrocyclone, typically the solids from 20-60 microns will be separated and dismissed and then dropped to the vibrating sex screens for further drying. The particular cleaner slurry will go straight into another tank then become pumped into the decanter centrifuge, and the solids over a couple of microns will be separated and also the cleaner slurry will be wiped away to the system. If possible, there may be another chemical decanter centrifuge to separate the solids near zero microns. The whole tools and configuration could be personalized per customer’s requirement in addition to working condition.
That’s the particular brief introduction of the slurry dredging system. Hopefully it can be useful to you. We will do our utmost to assist your business to be successful. This is visit and please mail your inquiries to USA@gnsolidscontrol. com