GN 40ft Containerized Drilling Cuttings Waste Management System for Russia

Drilling cuttings normally means the solids discharges from the shale shaker, desilter and desanders of the solids control system of a drilling rig. Although by using the solids control system, the drilling fluids are recycled back to the mud system for the next step drilling, the cuttings discharged from shakers and hydrocyclones are still wet. They contain a certain amount of expensive drilling fluids and also are so harmful to be discharged directly.

In most countries of the world, it is a must that alongside each drilling rig, there should be a set of waste management system to treat the drilling cuttings before discharged or buried. Like in Russia, more and more drilling jobsites are in need of the drilling cuttings treatment systems. GN containerized drilling cuttings waste management system are ideal solution for them and they are satisfied with the performance of GN systems. This system gives a closed loop for the drilling cuttings and recycled fluid with following equipment and procedure:

  1. Screw conveyor GNSC are used to collect the drilling cuttings from the shakers and mud cleaners. Then, transported by a inclined screw conveyor, the cuttings are fed to next equipment.
  2. It is a GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryer, which is functioning like a drying program in a washing machine. It is used to reduce the oil on cuttings to reach to lower than 5%. After the vertical cuttings dryer, the fluid discharged falls into a catch tank below the dryer, then ,to be transported by a screw pump.
  3. A screw pump here is used as feeding pump for the centrifuge, GN always cooperates with Netsch, which is a famous German brand.
  4. Then, GNLW363CG-VFD comes as the final treatment, it could remove all particles from 2 to 5 microns from the liquid.

In this system, in order to give a heat isolation for the systems to be used in extreme cold condition and also for easier transportation, GN designed the system into a compact 40 ft container.

For more information, welcome to contact GN directly.