FYI: GN Solids America LLC Hydro cyclones

The hydro cyclone is a vessel with cylinder part, the cylinder part of upper cone is mud inlet; the outboard install a tangential stock inlet; the under part of cone is open mouth, the size of caliber can be adjustable and for discharging the solid particles. There is a down inserted overflow pipe on the top centre of close vertical cylinder, and extend to below the stock inlet tangent location. Most hydro cyclone without regard to inner diameter of stock inlet, the working performance will be best at the 23m pressured head.

The shell of hydro cyclone can be made of cast iron. The inside can be uses the wear-resisting rubber. For increase the service life further, shells of  hydro cyclones use the polyurethane for both wear and corrosion resistance.

In order to make the hydro cyclones to work efficiently, the solid content of the underflow of the preceding equipment or that flows into the inlet of this unit must fit the unit itself. If this condition is agreeable, adjustment of feed rate, feed pressure or replacement of an apex of another size.

When a hydro cyclone works in maximum efficiency, the discharged solids comes out from its underflow apex in a shape of so called “Cone-Spray Discharge”. However cyclone underflow may appear very often as “Rope Discharge” and it means poor cleaning efficiency and it can cause solids overloading of cyclone overflow, apex plugging and aggravated wear of vertex finder, overflow fitting, cone liners and rig pump parts meanwhile discard a big volume of mud. When it happens, the measures to revise it into “Cone-Spray Discharge” are as follows:

(1) Change apex size.

(2) Feed pressure is too low: Increase feed amount

(3) High mud viscosity can be cure by dilution with water.

(4) High mud solid content: Dilute the inlet mud or run a more cyclones.


GN’s new composite shaker screens got very positive feedback after releasing into the market

GN Solids Control is a specialized manufacturer for solid control equipment and mud recycling system. It was first established in China in 2007, after 10 years development, it has become a world famous company in the solid control area and its product range covers from shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, mud gas separator, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, centrifugal pump, agitator, vacuum degasser, shear pump, submersible pump, etc. GN can be your one stop shop and solution provider for the solid control business. This year GN increased its manufacturing capability dramatically, its second manufacturing facility can make composite framed screens up to 5000 pieces per month. The new facility adopts the latest technology that can manufacture the screen with high quality at competitive prices

The new composite framed shale shaker screens have the follow features: the steel frame part is welded automatically by robot with higher strength and better quality conformity. The injection molded plastic is mixed with imported fiberglass and it can resists high temperature up to 140 degree, and it’s tougher, more endurable and can work under higher vibration G force. . The heat press of the screens adopts the process of four side tensioning which can minimize the gap between the top and support screens and extend the life of the screens. GN’s shaker screens will be 3 layers with the API number above 60, while other screens manufacturer only use 3 layers until API number above 100. And GN’s mesh supplier is the same as DERRICK and MI SWACO’s. GN’s screen adopts the rectangular wire configuration and the wire is 50% more thicker than the square wire configuration, and it could be used up to 300-700 hours. GN’s composite screens cover GN’S OEM screen, MI SWACO MONGOOSE, BRANDT VENOM, BRANDT KING COBRA, FSI, etc. GN can also customize the screens according to customer’s requirement. All the composite screens are repairable. Comparing to steel framed screens, the non blank area of composite framed screen is 10-20% more. And the composite frame is not easily to get rusted and can be stored up to 5 years.

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