GN made mud gun’s working principle

GN Mud Guns are mostly used for offering supplemental or primary mixing in mud tanks relying on the amount of guns are utilized, and the same with the tank proportions.

GN Solids Control America mud guns own  an excellent quality which is actually quite seem like lots of world well known brand for instance like Derrick Mud gun. The mud gun has 3 nozzles to have adequate agitating around. The rotation version can be rotated to 360 degrees. Our mud gun can carry a working pressure of 6.4Mpa. We have various sizes accessible. The diameters range from 2 inch or 3 inch.

GN Solids Control can make customized length mud guns for worldwide clients. Just recently GN Solids Control has acquired quite a few inquiries on specific sized mud guns.

Naturally we all known, mud guns have the function of agitating mud like mud agitators. Our mud agitators are extremely well-liked too. We have diverse size agitators to fit different size tanks. Our new model mud agitators adopt soft coupler connection between gear box and motor. GN designer are dedicated on every tiny details to protect the gear box and motor from destruction when motor and gear box are not aligned.

GN mud guns are particular suited to utilize in the tank corners to keep solids from settling. Sometimes, a mud agitator is also positioned in the tank center, for more information, you could contact with our Sales Consultant.


Mud Gun & Mud Gun Pipeline in Solids Control System

When talking about a solids control system equipment, one must first thinks of shale shakers, desander and desilter cones and the decanter centrifuges, because the solids control means to control the solids phase particles. But no one could ignore the mud gun, which is small sized but not small functioned equipment.

GN Solids Control has a long history of designing and manufacturing solids control systems, in this article, we’ll talk about what’s the role the mud gun plays in a standard mud system.

What is a mud gun used for?

1, mud gun is used for helping the mud agitator to keep the drilling mud from settling. The mud agitator is located in middle of tank, and corresponding mud gun is on its side, for caring about the tank corners.

  1. for transporting drilling mud from one tank to any another. Of course, the mud gun can not achieve this goal all by its own, and it need help from the mud gun pipeline.

What does mud gun pipeline look like?

A mud gun pipeline is a 2 inch or 3 inch cubic pipe installed by the top frame of mud tanks. It covers nearly each tank of the system, except for the shaker tank. Because the drilling mud in shaker tank is not active mud, which can not be used directly in further drilling. But the drilling mud in other tanks, like active tank below the centrifuge, most times it could be used for mud pumps. Or mud in storage tank, if there is no need to add new materials into mud to change the proportion, the mud in storage tank can be used directly into further drilling.

Because the mud gun itself has no power to drive the mud, the mud gun line in fact is connected with the mixing pumps. When the user need to transfer mud via mud gun pipeline, he always shut down the connection between the mixing hopper and its centrifugal pumps, then the shear pumps is used to suck mud to mud gun line. By closing some tank’s mud gun lines, drilling mud is transferred to destination tank via mud guns.

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