GN shaker and centrifuge order regarding Africa Client

Even the necessary oil price is lower, and marketplace is still down. We nonetheless receive some small purchases to support life. The small requests added to help us make it through in the cold season. All of us thanks for the orders during the wintry time and definitely will support together with best price and trustworthy technical support.
1) Shale shaker from Clients
The client can also be end user for the shale shaker . The client get one liquid mud plant which will supply over 5 territory rigs at same time. On the other hand, the client also recycle a number of drilling mud and drilling waste from the rigsite. The consumer need to use shale shaker to treat the drilling squander management in first step to separate the solids particles. Then, they are drilling to use high speed decanter centrifuge to separate the small ones. Following these treatment, the thoroughly clean drilling mud can go back in liquid mud plant to get reuse.
The clients likewise buy some shale shaker screens, and other one year encouraged spare parts for backup. Whenever you want, the spare parts may meant for the operation.
decanter centrifuge 3
2) Decanter centrifuge to get liquid mud plant
The actual clients choose high speed, shifting speed, high configuration decanter centrifuge, GNLW363CG-VFD. The centrifuge is GN star centrifuge, which have a 90% product sales amount in all centrifuge orders placed. The centrifuge bowl rate can be adjusted from some hundred or so to 3200RPM. The differential speed can also adjusted through 25 to 43. The actual pump feeding speed will also be adjusted with the PLC screen panels.
The high speed centrifuge can be used for solids control, mud cleaning system , waste drinking water treatment, solidification unit, dewatering decanter centrifuge etc . On a yearly basis, we sell over two hundred sets of GNLW363 collection decanter centrifuge, matched with good quality screw pumps to get feeding the decanter centrifuge.

The clients buy a single sets variable speed centrifuge and 1 screw pump for feeding centrifuge and in addition one year spare parts as copy.

As China leading solids control manufacturer of solids control equipment & drilling waste management equipment, GN Solids Control will surely support every client with high quality devices & reasonable price.


5 sets GN Vertical Cuttings Dryers shipped to Africa

GN Solids Control has been manufacturing vertical cuttings dryer for many years. As the primary solids control and exercise cuttings equipments manufacturer, GN is the first manufacturer that can provide cuttings dryer that will deal with OBM and WBM at the same time.
Now GN companies about 250 to three hundred sets decanter centrifuge yearly, as well as 50 sets cuttings dryers. GN Solids Control has won many substantial projects due to the excellent performing performance and long time use. GN experienced engineers are usually ready to provide professional help support to global clients.

This specific African client has bought 5 sets vertical cuttings dryers from us. They have got 7 land drilling rigs in various areas. Before they will purchased these equipments by us, they were renting solids control and drill cuttings equipments from other companies. While they have many years on web-site experiences, they are pretty well reputed for what equipments can meet up with their demands well. When they sourced many large producers in the world, and they compared several US or Europe brand names with Chinese brands, these people finally chose us. Those equipment they purchased usually are including the following:
1 . GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer using a skid: 5 sets
All of these 5 sets dryers can be found on the skid, which are pre-loaded with flushing pumps. They can be relocated conveniently due to the compact framework. There are 3 types screen baskets can be chose to individual solids in different size debris. The smallest solids can be connectors out is 250 microns.
2 . GN Decanter Centrifuges: 14 sets
These fourteen sets centrifuges including adjustable speed centrifuge controlled simply by pressurized VFD control field as well as fix speed. GN also provides 14 pieces positive displacement feeding sends to feed these centrifuges.
Now there are some large clientele such as Shell, Baker Barnes are using GN centrifuges and also cuttings dryers to treat the particular OBM and WBM.

Keep Tune on GN Solids Control, What Have Been Done in 2015

It is another productive year, a big order knocks the door of this. In the beginning, EMEC, our partner from Egypt, after taking time to test our centrifuges, finally come to GN from US suppliers, they purchased about 40 centrifuges in total, and the first one is more than 30units.

Then as we all know, oil price keep going down, market is down. We are holding the project, the project has been delayed is the most often answer we heard from client.

Good news is the Chinese government published the new environmental protection regulations. We need handle the drilling waste. Which makes half of the market live again. While thanks to the seed we have planted, GN have been in study of the vertical cuttings dryer and other drilling waste management equipment long time ago. Which makes, again, GN stand in front of all Chinese manufacturers, to supply the high quality waste management products to the local market.

A few dozens vertical cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuges, and dewatering unit have been sent to the Chinese drilling site.

So as the old saying, when the flower blooms outside of the wall, the people inside can smell,  the big Chinese contractors finally comes to GN, finally realised and found the best equipment supplier here. One of the best.

Another benefit also thanks to the down time market, more and more Europe or US contractors finally get more and more interested in good quality Chinese suppliers. Since this could be one way to save cost. If can supply same quality with more competitive price, why not keep themselves in the perception of made in China. A lot of people have gave it a try. Maybe you all also should do.

After Baker Hughes choose GN Solids Control products, more and more big players in the market comes to us, come to our yard, comes to our site, they want to find out what makes Baker feedback that these products even better than US/ EU products.

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Shale Shakers for UAE

The UAE drilling company purchased four sedimentary rock shakers and a giant batch of sedimentary rock shaker screens from GN Solids management to interchange their drilling rigs existing sedimentary rock shakers for solids system.

GN Solids management manufacture the High G force sedimentary rock shakers for primary solids management and drilling cuttings drying application. the three panel and four panel sedimentary rock  shakers area unit offered for various comes.Because GN Solids management not solely create prime quality sedimentary rock shakers however additionally give the cost-efficient sedimentary rock shaker screens for our shoppers, this is often one the most reasons for shoppers to shop for sedimentary rock shakers from GN.

Shale Shaker for UAE

Shale Shaker for UAE

Features and edges of GN sedimentary rock Shakers

Patent sedimentary rock shaker deck angle adjustable whereas operating, mechanical deck angle adjustment with reliable performance.

Patent tighten rubber waterproofing for sedimentary rock shaker deck and screen, long life and straightforward replacement.

Shale shaker bottom deck made up of stainless-steel for long service life.

Heat treatment on complete sedimentary rock shaker deck for top G force operation.

Pretensioned shale shaker screen for fast screen replacement

.Famous Brand Vibration Motors : IEC Ex, ATEX and UL Certified

Electrical components: SIEMENS, Schneider Brand

Flexible feeding type including Weir Feed, Top Feed, and Hopper Feed for different applications.

About GN Shale Shaker Screens

shale shaker screen to UAE

shale shaker screen to UAE

GN Solids Control make shale shaker screens according to API standard, and most of the popular brand shale shaker replacement shaker screens are available from GN Solids Control. More over, GN Solids Control provide different types of shale shaker screens include but not limitied to following:

Composite Frame Shale Shaker Screen

Steel Frame Shale Shaker Screen

Hook Strip falt shaker screen.

Pyramid shale shaker screen


GN 500 GPM mud recovery system for HDD and CBM rig

500GPM is really a normal size mud recovery system utilized for horizontal directional drilling or CBM drilling rig. China top solids control manufacturer: GN Solids Control offers different plans 500GPM system to suits for various customers’ demands. All below standard GN 500 GPM mud product is turnkey solution. The machine has lighting system and electrical control system for direct use.

Option 1: GNMS-500B mud recovery system, double deck shaker with 6m tank.0224 500gpm mud recycling system

It’s an economic standard system suits for customer who desires 500GPM system but don’t need large storage or very fine separation. The machine is by using 2 phase separation. It’s having a double deck shale shaker, with desilter cone on the top from the shale shaker. The underside screen can be used like a shale shaker and also the top deck screen utilized as a desilter. A mixing product is built within the system. There’s no agitator or mug gun for that system. It has compact design and effective price.

Option 2: GNMS-500G mud recovery system, shale shaker, and mud cleaner with 10m tank.

It’s 3 stage separation systems having a middle size storage tank. There’s a shale shaker because the 1rst stage separation. A mud cleaner with 1 ea. 10’’ desander cone and eight ea. desilter cone. A mixing product is built-in the machine. As well as an agitator along with a mud gun for that system.

Option 3: GNMS-500GL mud recovery system, shale shaker, mud cleaner with 12m tank.

GNMS-500GL mud recovery product is with similar equipment with GNMS-500G. Because the tank is larger size, there’s an additional agitator and mud gun for that system.

Normally, there are three methods for the desanding unit for connecting using the trenchless drilling rig

1) The standard condition is, the operator can search a mud pit at the drilling rig. Dirty mud from drilling rig would go to mud pit for settle lower first. You will see a slurry pump sump in to the mud pit and transfer mud from mud pit to shale shaker. After which, centrifugal pump can transfer mud from shaker tank to desander after which desilter.

2) An alternative choice is the fact that, you will see a little tank before shale shaker as alternative of mud pit. Dirty mud from well mind would go to the settle lower tank first, after which moved to shale shaker through slurry pump.

3) There’s several jobsite, the mud will flow to shale shaker from Horizontal directional drilling rig machine, much like gas and oil drilling rig. It’s not normal in horizontal directional drilling rig site layout.

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The Recycling system of Solids Control Equipment

We’ve spoken about GN mud recycling system for ZJ 70D rigs, in the previous discussions, all of the tools including tanks happen to be acknowledged. Today we wish to share you some information on the recycling procedure for this complete mud system for ZJ 70D rig.


The drilling mud originates from well is sent to those two shale shakers concurrently or individually. Mud is treated through the shaker in the beginning normally the solids diameter as much as 100 microns could be separated. Then your treated mud is flowing towards the sinking compartment.


To be able to have a healthy and stable atmosphere from the drilling mud, it has to exhaust the interior gas ahead of time. By utilizing vacuum degasser, the gas in mud could be removed. Then your mud is overflowed to desander compartment by overflow funnel. Mud can be treatable by desander cyclones, whose mud is given with a centrifugal pump. Then the mud is treated by desilter clones, the solids could be separated towards the diameter below 20 microns.


Through the separation of shale shaker, desander and desilter, the mud is comparatively clean, but it isn’t enough when you want to make use of this mud for drilling. Each one of these mud is going to be given by submersible pumps to 2 decanter centrifuges. Usually the first is medium speed, while the second is high-speed. It is because the very first decanter centrifuge can be used for separating probably the most solids inside a great quantity, and also the second decanter centrifuge can be used for separating much finer solids. With these two decanter centrifuges, the solids diameter can achieve to two microns to five microns. This clean mud could be overflowed to purified compartment by overflow funnel.


Simultaneously, the clean mud could be weighted for deep drilling usage. With this part, we’ll talk is the next time. If you have questions regarding GN mud recycling system, thanks for visiting give us a call directly or simply send us an email at

800gpm mud recycling system

Drilling liquids Bentonite and Barite

Drilling liquids is also known as drilling mud. It’s very important in drilling activities. It may lubricate drilling bits and remove drilling cuttings in the wellhead, and chilling the drill bits.


Bentonite and Barite are the normal chemicals utilized in fabricating drilling liquids for drilling rigs. However, many people don’t know the main difference from the 2 types of chemicals.


Here is a simple description from the 2 chemicals.


Drilling liquids Bentonite


Drilling liquids bentonite has good suspension property, thixotropy, low fluid loss, and also have good performance to obtain mud. It’s convenient for all, and simple to regulate the proportion of drilling liquids (drilling mud). With those characteristic, drilling liquids bentonite is the perfect base mud material for deep well drilling and offshore drilling activities.


Drilling liquids Barite


Drilling liquids barite can be utilized to weight the mud. In certain oil and gas drilling activities, normally, drilling mud and clay possess a proportion of 2.5, the proportion water is 1, therefore the proportion of mud is gloomier, sometimes mud weight can’t be balance using the subterranean oil, gas pressure. It may lead to blowout accident. In the situation of subterranean ruthless situation, it’s important to improve the proportion of mud. Its function measures to include barite into drilling liquids. Barite utilized for drilling liquids ought to be as fine as 325mesh or even more.


Drilling liquids bentonite and barite is putting on material for drilling activities. There’s an enormous use of them. To be able to save cost and stop pollution to atmosphere, solids control devices are utilized for drilling liquids recovery.


Solids control equipment is used for removing the drilling cuttings and doing drilling mud purification


4-stage Solids control equipment is utilized to recover the drilling liquids barite: Shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge.


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