GNZS594E-HB shale shaker

GN Solids America LLC is the sale division from GN Solids Control Co., Ltd located in Heibei province outside of Beijing.  Due to the high demanding for consult, sale and service of our machinery from both North and South America region, we decide to establish a sale and service station located center of the oil and gas industry, Houston, Texas USA in beginning of 2014.  GN Solids America LLC solids control  machineries is API certified, meet the industry standard and excess customer’s expectation.  GN Solids America LLC’s core machinery is model GNZS594E-HB shale shaker.

In solids control process stage, shale shaker at as the first stage machinery process. It will filter  large solids cutting in the mud come through the over flow line. Partials larger than 175 microns will be separated. GN Solids America’s shale shaker GNZS594E-HB is alternative choice compare with popular M I Swaco Mongoose Pro Shaker.  GNZS594E-HB as large treating capacity of 616 GPM. The buffer box adopts back set makes the height as low as possible to meet the different overflow lines height. This shaker is a 4 panel single deck shale shaker similar with M I Swaco Pro Shaker. The shale shaker screens adopt composite material for extended  life usage. The screens are interchangeable with M I Swaco Mongoose screens. Clients who use M I Swaco Pro Shaker who wish to maintain low and consist operation cost, GNZS594E-HB shale shaker itself and the screens will perform outstanding first stage of solids control process.  The screens adopt block tightening system for easy and fast change screen. Furthermore, the shale shaker deck adopts electrical adjustment and mechanical adjustment is for back up. The vibrating motors GN Solids America LLC pair with two Martins 2.5 HP motor  The control box is met IEC EX, ATEX AND UL explosion proof and certified.

GN Solids America LLC understand any operation hiccups in oilfield is costly both operational and financial.  Our in-house service personal in Houston is stand-by and can be in the field within very little time to assist oilfield back to operational in less time as possible.