Shale Shakers for UAE

The UAE drilling company purchased four sedimentary rock shakers and a giant batch of sedimentary rock shaker screens from GN Solids management to interchange their drilling rigs existing sedimentary rock shakers for solids system.

GN Solids management manufacture the High G force sedimentary rock shakers for primary solids management and drilling cuttings drying application. the three panel and four panel sedimentary rock  shakers area unit offered for various comes.Because GN Solids management not solely create prime quality sedimentary rock shakers however additionally give the cost-efficient sedimentary rock shaker screens for our shoppers, this is often one the most reasons for shoppers to shop for sedimentary rock shakers from GN.

Shale Shaker for UAE

Shale Shaker for UAE

Features and edges of GN sedimentary rock Shakers

Patent sedimentary rock shaker deck angle adjustable whereas operating, mechanical deck angle adjustment with reliable performance.

Patent tighten rubber waterproofing for sedimentary rock shaker deck and screen, long life and straightforward replacement.

Shale shaker bottom deck made up of stainless-steel for long service life.

Heat treatment on complete sedimentary rock shaker deck for top G force operation.

Pretensioned shale shaker screen for fast screen replacement

.Famous Brand Vibration Motors : IEC Ex, ATEX and UL Certified

Electrical components: SIEMENS, Schneider Brand

Flexible feeding type including Weir Feed, Top Feed, and Hopper Feed for different applications.

About GN Shale Shaker Screens

shale shaker screen to UAE

shale shaker screen to UAE

GN Solids Control make shale shaker screens according to API standard, and most of the popular brand shale shaker replacement shaker screens are available from GN Solids Control. More over, GN Solids Control provide different types of shale shaker screens include but not limitied to following:

Composite Frame Shale Shaker Screen

Steel Frame Shale Shaker Screen

Hook Strip falt shaker screen.

Pyramid shale shaker screen


GN drilling waste management higher pace design

Solid-liquid separation is the important link in the process of waste drilling fluid processing, reduce the water content in the waste, the greater the proportion of the means of solid residual volume is smaller, the smaller the required processing costs can also, can effectively control the processing cost, economic benefit. Has developed in recent years, domestic orifice plate filter press, filter transmission belt dehydration machine, horizontal spiral centrifuge dewatering device, such as promoting the improvement of the drilling waste management .The processing route is to make the collection of waste sewage pool natural sedimentation, the free water of natural sedimentation after conventional wastewater treatment; To silt part at the same time as the flocculant, coagulant aid for chemical processing, and then through centrifuge, filter belt hydroextractor, orifice plate filter press dewatering device makes the solid-liquid separation further, finally, after the separation of solids and moisture curing processing and drilling waste management .

All of us began dealing with CPPE for that Solids Elimination Device because ’09. Prior to dealing with GN Solids Manage, CPPE required the actual dirt recycling where possible program through ALL OF US or even European countries businesses, right now GN Solids Manage may be the Main Solids Elimination as well as  drilling waste management   device provider with regard to CPPE. Working with the largest HARD DISK DRIVE Contrator within The far east provides all of us much more encounter with regard to performing the actual most difficult work within HARD DISK DRIVE business. The Solids Elimination Device may be requested the higher solids content material, particularly along with lots of good solids. GN Solids Manage supplied the actual 4 stage solids elimination device for that task through Shale Shaker, in order to Desander in order to desilter, as well as finnally towards the Decanter Centrifuge.

drilling waste management-2

The  drilling waste management  about us is actually proficient at production solids manage techniques with regard to gas and oil drilling, HARD DISK DRIVE, CBM. Numerous techniques tend to be personalized. All of us created truck installed techniques as well as hydraulic jack port upward techniques with regard to simple transportation  in one drilling website to a different. GN Solids Controls dirt program is actually change from the absolute minimum 150GPM dealing with capability in order to 1500GPM. E mail us for any entire answer for the drilling website solids manage.

Shale Shaker with regard to Drilling liquids

GN Shale shaker through GN Solids Manage. GN may be creating as well as production a complete type of Main Shale Shakers set up. And also a total type of Alternative Displays. Shale shaker such as linear movement as well as well balanced elliptical shale shaker.

Shale shaker utilized in drilling liquids processing, generally known as shale shaker, vibration gear with regard to blocking drilling cuttings from the blood circulation drilling liquids. It’s main objective would be to get rid of as numerous solids as you possibly can without having getting rid of extreme levels of drilling liquids.

Nevertheless, Solids Manage right now additionally enhance the 4th era shale shaker, GNPS well balanced elliptical shale shaker with regard to customer’s high end upon drilling dirt refinement as well as blood circulation. In contrast to additional linear movement shale shaker.

Shale shaker fashioned with Higher  Pressure, with realignment, bigger display region, long lasting as well as dependable, much less impact impact, high end, reduce sound.  Shale shaker popular within drilling liquids splitting up upon gas and oil nicely drilling, HARD DISK DRIVE dirt program, municipal building, energy nicely drilling, and so on. Furthermore, GNZS shale shaker offered to a lot of customers each household as well as oversea, obtained great suggestions as well as higher status. If you would like to know more informations about us, please visit our website immediately.


Gn America Shaker screen program step

Shaker screen program consists of 3 courses solids manage phases. The very first phase GNSD400 sheld drilling dirt program includes GNZS83-3BF shale shaker with regard to testing. The 2nd as well as 3rd phase contain ZQJ300 desander, ZQJ125 desilter, two models fine sand pump motor. The primary operating theory is actually utilizing shaker screen to provide adequate energy for that cyclone, then your drilling dirt may key in the actual cyclone with regard to centrifugal isolating. The actual drilling dirt may be processed.

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The actual dirt recycling where possible bodies part along the way tend to be: recycling where possible, as well as refining drilling liquids along with plenty of cuttings in the wellhead. this technique may get rid of sands over 1.0mm in dimensions, and provide drilling rigs along with happy drilling liquids. Make sure just about all components versatile as well as upon good shape.

Just about all tools about the container ought to maintain thoroughly clean whilst utilized. Just about all fine sand, drinking water from the tanks ought to be piped away. Be cautious in order to the caliber of tools whilst transport. The actual electrical sections ought to be taken care of specifically. The actual pictures tend to be connected because adopted. You will find pictures in most electrical solar panel too. With regard to additional information associated with GN shaker screen program, make sure you really feel liberated to get in touch with GN. A trustworthy online store will provide cheap shaker screen to the buyers. It will be great to have a glamorous appearance with the right selection of a equipment. This can make a supplier look presentable and honest,place the order right now. If you want to know more about us, pls visit our official website:


solids control equipment Brand Organization

The actual VSM30 cascade solids control equipment,the well balanced elliptical movement shaker that produced by NOVEMBER Brand Organization. The actual revolutionary incorporated outdoor patio style from the VSM three hundred includeds 2 Scalping Displays, 3 Main Displays as well as 4 optionally available Drying out displays. GN Solids Control is among the Best Solids Manage Tools producer all over the world. GN Solids Control additionally produce equal shaker displays with regard to VSM300 Shale Shaker.Image

The very best outdoor patio from the VSM three hundred uses multiple solar panel pretensioned displays that are accustomed to head away big quantities associated with solids therefore safeguarding the actual quality nylon uppers from the reduce outdoor patio displays. The very best outdoor patio displays tend to be maintained in place through  clamping techniques that allow quick display change out.more about us pls click the website

GN giving Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter Centrifuge within the solids manage program acquires much less interest compared to additional tools such as shale shaker, dirt solution and so forth. Actually, Decanter Centrifuge have a great part since the giving Decanter Centrifuge for that drilling dirt.

Decanter Centrifuge is actually 1 kind centrifugal Decanter Centrifuge using the framework associated with up and down solitary phase as well as solitary suction overhung. Thinking about the higher focus contaminants from the drilling dirt, the actual Decanter Centrifuge consists of abrasion-resistant metal, there isn’t any showing as well as gland close off between your impeller as well as Decanter Centrifuge entire body. So it’s maintenance-free as well as higher tempreture opposition.

Decanter Centrifuge is actually 1 kind perfect gear to supply inspiration with regard to desander, desilter as well as centrifuge,contact us  by website.

We’re able to observe frequently within the total essential oil drilling rig dirt cleansing program, the actual submersible slurry pump motor is actually well-liked utilized since the giving Decanter Centrifuge in order to move the actual drilling dirt in the bottom container towards the decanter centrifuge.Decanter Centrifuge


What kind of Decanter centrifuge will be exhibited in the show?

Decanter centrifuge will play a major role in the OTC exhibition including positive pressurized VFD+PLC control of GNLW363VFD and big volume decanter centrifuge GNLW553VFD.High standard manufacturing line and advanced CNC Lathe guarantee the centrifuge stability and performance. Duplex stainless steel and Tungsten carbide tiles protect the bowl and screw propeller from rust and part damaged. SKF Bearing contributes the reliability of decanter centrifuge. Easy lifting bar and smart close button is much thoughtful for the operator. Also, GN High speed and precision design effectively separate the fine particle to achieve the requirement.

Duplex stainless steel and tungsten carbide protection extend the propeller lifespan. Pressurized EX Proof VFD control cabinet with PLC controlled is easily operated by operator.

GN Solids Control Co., Ltd specializes sales, services and manufacturing of solids control, drilling waste management and all other related oilfield equipment.  We are totally committed to customer satisfaction,click here to know more.Decanter Centrifuge1