Introduction to working with GN desander

DCQJ250x2/100×12 shale shaker  installation Note: 1, the DCQJ250x2/100×12 mud cleaner installation location on the scene relatively flexible, you can choose in a cone-shaped grit, grit removal tank tank tank, in addition to the mud tanks. But for the best experience play a clean sieve, suggest that drilling fluid cleaner mounted on tapered on the sand tank. 2, in place, around the device should leave room for adequate operation and maintenance of the access routes and equipment base solid reliable pad pad. Special reminder: installation, be aware of desander, desilter liquid inlet suction tank discharge, overflow tank should be aligned with drilling fluid circulation order, otherwise it will reduce the desander and desilter purification effect!

DCQJ250x2/100×12 desander operation: 1, cleaner desilter group at boot before use check that the cone valve is already open, or open enough amount of cone. 2, cleaners, desanding unit as long as the liquid supply pressure is maintained within the specified scope that is working correctly. 3, after the startup work should always check for fluid pressure is normal, piping and connections are leak. Observation of sand and mud removal cone end of stream discharge, spray should be the best, so you can clear as much as possible harmful solid and wear of Cyclone is smaller. Or you can switch to a different size of underflow mouth to adjust, by machining methods increase the underflow mouth size. If there is an endless stream of timely review and troubleshoot. There are online retail stores which offer helpful guidance in selecting the right machine, Click this link.