Decanter centrifuge and Vertical cuttings dryer working in the rig site

Lately GN shipped 6 sets decanter centrifuges and 3 sets vertical cuttings dryer packages for Africa drilling companies. This can be a repeat order with this client that has bought 4 sets decanter centrifuges in February, 2014 and obtain good performance within their rig site, so that they repeat order 12 months later. Along with these drilling waste management devices, the customer also purchased a complete liquid mud plant with 7 mud tanks.decanter centrifuge 3

GN solids control offered over 200 models of decanter centrifuge in 2014 for drilling application and drilling waste management in the liquid mud plant and rig site. The most crucial reason behind the repeat orders from your customers is:

1 competitive cost

2 good performances within the jobsite: the majority of our clients sent us PO once they checked our other clients’ rig site. Good performance and liable quality is an essential point to allow them to come to a decision.

3 Longer service existence material: GN unique designed decanter centrifuge lasts longer throughout operation, because we use better material, for instance, the security from the screw is tungsten carbide tiles, not the standard way-only spread welding the tungsten alloy at first glance. The SKF bearing can make sure the reliable quality.

4 Fast post sales services: We’ll provide immediate after-sales service for just about any problem solving. And our professional engineers will fly for your jobsite for brand spanking new installation and commissioning.

The vertical cuttings dryer is a component of the special designed frame with eliminating pump placed on the skid. You are able to adjust the peak for operation and transportation

The decanter centrifuge could be placed on the mud tank or liquid mud plant; it is also placed on the frame when it’s utilized for drilling waste management application. GN solids control provides customized the perception of sauce frame, so we have our standard frame for option.

GN has showed the vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge package in CIPPE 2015 oil show in Beijing and OTC 2015 oil show in Houston, they are welcomed by the customers around the world.



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Best Cuttings Dryer Design Come From China

The vertical-G dryer is GN 2nd generation with newest technologies. Compared with 1st generation, the 2nd generation is operating with air knife, so air compressor with 1Mpa is crucial,GN Solids America adjust the space in involving screen basket and flange to create it a lot more inexpensive. In addition to, we add the oil lubrication cooling plan to make the bearing inside far more trusted in the course of operating. Within this case, we test it in CNPC jobsite. The outcome is good with Water Mostly primarily based Mud testing material.

Pls verify on GN web page for info: GN drilling cuttings dryer is equal to CSI dryer, WSM-03 or WSM-04;yet another Part: flushing program functioning for vertical-G dryer,We’ve one particular specific flushing strategy for selection, this definitely is Netzsch Nemo pump to flushing inside from the vertical cuttings dryer and make it clean and prepared for use next time.

Element C: Frame functioning with cuttings dryer.

The client, who desires to move it versatile, could demand a stainless steel frame to make the entire package into a single aspect with greatest hook and down space for forklift.

GN Solids Handle because the initially Vertical cuttings dryer designer from China, it simulate the technologies from US and update with its individual believed, following really a number of situations self-testing and as per feedback from overseas and local user, the operating functionality Is superior and might satisfy the vital user’s will want.

here, i want to say also Solids Control Method Applied in Mining Project,in other word,not only cuttings dryer field but also other field.