De-sander with Double Layers Screen Panels Drying Shaker

De-sander is very popular equipment used in solids and liquid separation running. It always contains cyclone unit and steel framework. With different diameter of the cone body, this cyclone device could separate the strong particles with different sizes. GN’s de-sander is using 10 ” cyclones which could remove the solids size down to around forty five microns.
GN’s de-sander device is used in drilling business to separate the drilling cuttings from the drilling fluids. Conventional de-sander units don’t have the actual under drying shaker with regard to maximum recovery of the drilling fluids liquid, thus a lot of valuable drilling fluids had been lost. However , this type de-sander and even the de-silter device are very simple structure as well as cost effective.

To make the discharged solids much dryer, GN would rather suggest choosing the de-sander device with a under drying shaker which could recycle much more drilling fluids. This could reduce the waste materials discharges to environment and also the cost on drilling liquids materials. GN has a de-sander model with under drying out shaker of 2 layers displays panel. This unit is actually functioning as both main shale shaker and de-sander unit. The drilling liquids gets into this de-sander device via the mud supplier pipe and then flow at the bottom layer screen firstly with regard to primary solids control. Fluid gets through the screen nylon uppers and falls down to the actual under located mud tank. Large size particles will be released out of the shaker. And then the actual liquid will be transferred with a centrifugal pump unit towards the de-sander cyclone unit with regard to fine solids separation. The actual mixture of liquid and solids discharged from the cyclone can come to the upper layers screen for drying processing. Right here, to prevent the damage of screen mesh resulted by the powerful impact force of solids discharged out from the cyclone device, GN designs small barrier box to cover the store of the cyclone. This barrier box is small sufficient to make the unit more compact.
GN’s double-layer screen panel shale shaker can also be used as just primary shaker for a lot fine solids separation. Apart from de-sander unit, de-silter device can also use this type shaker as drying shaker.
GN Solids Control sell a series of solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment, welcome to contract to know more info from our sales team.

GN Solids Keep Stock With regard to Shale Shaker, Mud Cleaner and Decanter Centrifuge in Houston

GN Solids Control sell a series of solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment including up and down cuttings dryer, shale shaker, screw conveyor, screw pump, oilfield shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander and desilter, vacuum degasser, poor son degasser, decanter centrifuge, mud tank, mud agitator, and so forth GN Solids Americal commonly keep stock for GN main product and shale shaker, mud cleaner and also decanter centrifuge always keep commodity there to service neighborhood client.

The shale shaker is the first phase cleansing for drilling mud, three decks and 4 outside patio’s shale shaker is the initially phase cleaning at a hundred to 400 micron in addition to above by 40 nylon uppers shaker screen or higher nylon uppers size. The frame style shale shaker screen design for quickly replace of shaker screen during drilling. The shale shaker can be installed desander and or desilter cyclone to get finer treatment and quatity can be customized depending on buyer requirement. All GN shale shake is linear action and G forth not any higher than 7. 5 H, the deck angle adjusting between – 1 in order to + 5 degree simply by wheel adjustment.
America solids control equipment
Decanter centrifuge is the forth phase cleaning implement for separate solids 3 to 7 microns determined by model choose, the high velocity decanter centrifuge separate solids two to 5 microns and midsection speed centrifuge separate solids 5 – 7 microns. The GNLW363 centrifuge is one of popular model in GN Solids America and cure mud flow 30 cubic meters per hour at a couple of to 5 micron separate simply by 3200 RPM rotating velocity. Please contact GN Solids America for more information or inquest of GN stock shale shaker, mud cleaner as well as decanter centrifuge.

Drilling liquids Bentonite and Barite

Drilling liquids is also known as drilling mud. It’s very important in drilling activities. It may lubricate drilling bits and remove drilling cuttings in the wellhead, and chilling the drill bits.


Bentonite and Barite are the normal chemicals utilized in fabricating drilling liquids for drilling rigs. However, many people don’t know the main difference from the 2 types of chemicals.


Here is a simple description from the 2 chemicals.


Drilling liquids Bentonite


Drilling liquids bentonite has good suspension property, thixotropy, low fluid loss, and also have good performance to obtain mud. It’s convenient for all, and simple to regulate the proportion of drilling liquids (drilling mud). With those characteristic, drilling liquids bentonite is the perfect base mud material for deep well drilling and offshore drilling activities.


Drilling liquids Barite


Drilling liquids barite can be utilized to weight the mud. In certain oil and gas drilling activities, normally, drilling mud and clay possess a proportion of 2.5, the proportion water is 1, therefore the proportion of mud is gloomier, sometimes mud weight can’t be balance using the subterranean oil, gas pressure. It may lead to blowout accident. In the situation of subterranean ruthless situation, it’s important to improve the proportion of mud. Its function measures to include barite into drilling liquids. Barite utilized for drilling liquids ought to be as fine as 325mesh or even more.


Drilling liquids bentonite and barite is putting on material for drilling activities. There’s an enormous use of them. To be able to save cost and stop pollution to atmosphere, solids control devices are utilized for drilling liquids recovery.


Solids control equipment is used for removing the drilling cuttings and doing drilling mud purification


4-stage Solids control equipment is utilized to recover the drilling liquids barite: Shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge.


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Water based drilling mud treatment

Water based drilling mud is one of the most widely used drilling mud in drilling area. In comparison with oil based drilling mud and artificial based drilling mud, water based drilling mud possess a smaller pollution on atmosphere; it’s relatively less expensive, and simpler to create the drilling waste.

Generally speaking, mainly 2 types of system will be utilized to water based mud in drilling area: drilling mud system.

Solids control equipment for water based drilling mud management system

1) The first step equipment shale shaker, recommend GNZS549E shale shaker

2) The 2nd and third step equipment mud cleaner. It’s a mixture of desilter, desander and under flow shale shaker for compact the design. Customer can select various model mud cleaner for every drilling capacity request. Sometimes every different jobsite request, customer can also select separate desilter, desander without or with underflow shale shaker.

3) The 4th step is the decanter centrifuge. The jobsite normally use lower speed decanter centrifuge, and/or perhaps a high-speed decanter centrifuge for fine solids control.

Drilling cuttings treatment for water based drilling mud

1) High G drying shale shaker, GNZS594HGE. It’s a four-panel shale shaker with similar alternative shaker screen with Swaco Mongoose shaker.

2) High speed Decanter centrifuge for drilling waste management system, having a telescopic skid underneath

3) Screw conveyer to deliver the drilling cuttings

In some instances, if you find an excessive amount of fine solids within the liquids phase from drilling waste decanter centrifuge, also it can’t be separated by decanter anymore, dewater unit is going to be utilized.

Dewatering unit with dewatering centrifuge is usually utilized for water based mud drilling cuttings treatment. It’s accustomed to supply chemicals to polymerize the fine solids into bigger size that centrifuge can separate.

After solids control separate, drilling waste separate, and/or dewatering treatment, the clean liquids could be moved to mud tank system for drilling. Or maybe there’s no drilling activity, the liquids could be moved directly to slurry separation company for waste water treatment.


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Introduction to working with GN desander

DCQJ250x2/100×12 shale shaker  installation Note: 1, the DCQJ250x2/100×12 mud cleaner installation location on the scene relatively flexible, you can choose in a cone-shaped grit, grit removal tank tank tank, in addition to the mud tanks. But for the best experience play a clean sieve, suggest that drilling fluid cleaner mounted on tapered on the sand tank. 2, in place, around the device should leave room for adequate operation and maintenance of the access routes and equipment base solid reliable pad pad. Special reminder: installation, be aware of desander, desilter liquid inlet suction tank discharge, overflow tank should be aligned with drilling fluid circulation order, otherwise it will reduce the desander and desilter purification effect!

DCQJ250x2/100×12 desander operation: 1, cleaner desilter group at boot before use check that the cone valve is already open, or open enough amount of cone. 2, cleaners, desanding unit as long as the liquid supply pressure is maintained within the specified scope that is working correctly. 3, after the startup work should always check for fluid pressure is normal, piping and connections are leak. Observation of sand and mud removal cone end of stream discharge, spray should be the best, so you can clear as much as possible harmful solid and wear of Cyclone is smaller. Or you can switch to a different size of underflow mouth to adjust, by machining methods increase the underflow mouth size. If there is an endless stream of timely review and troubleshoot. There are online retail stores which offer helpful guidance in selecting the right machine, Click this link.



GN Desander Upkeep Routine

GN Solids Manage like a expert desander  producer within The far east. All of us especially specific within supplying desander  with regard to Exercise solids manage, High-Speed Splitting up, Barite recuperation, as well as ultrafines removel. GN desander  desilter   tend to be specifically created as well as constructed with regard to heavy-duty work within oilfield procedure. the actual upkeep associated with GN   desander  is actually family member simpler in contrast to another manufacturers. Every day Upkeep Examine: 1, Examine the actual irregular vibrations from the centrifuge isn’t permitteddesander-2 two, Examine heat increase from the primary bearings, regular heat increase 40. 3, Examine if the mounting bolts from the cushion obstructs is becoming free. four, Examine dsicharge solids as well as cleared up effluent, as well as regardless of whether dirt offers seapage through outer shell. 5, Evaluation the actual gearbox to ensure regardless of whether it’s essential oil seapage (after starting the actual pit include about the back again engine safeguard, appear very carefully to check on which websites like the restrict change and so on. offers essential oil spot or even not). 6, Take notice of the hydro-coupling to ensure regardless of whether it’s essential oil seapage. 7, In the event of any kind of abnormality within the above-mentioned examination, instantly cease the actual centrifuge with regard to fingertips or even fill up the actual essential oil. Upkeep each and every 100 operating several hours 1, Examine the actual V-belts following every operating with regard to 100 several hours as well as change this if it’s as well free. two, Substitute the actual belts in the event that its immoderate putting on. 3, Following every operating with regard to 100 several hours or even extreme vibrations, switch off the actual centrifuge in order to examine regardless of whether anchoring screws from the dish as well as from the gearbox have grown to be free. four, Examine regardless of whether pulley anchoring screws or even circular enthusiast have grown to be free. 5, Respectively examine essential oil degree of the actual gearbox and also the hydro-coupling following every operating for just one 30 days as well as carry out essential oil filling up with regard to deficit based on the rules. Upkeep each and every 8000 operating several hours 1, Examine scratching associated with release bushings as well as conveyor trip. two, Examine deformation associated with charter boat set up. 3, Examination associated with load-bearing components: for example dish as well as semi-shaft associated with large as well as little finish, semi-shaft from the conveyor as well as semi-shaft associated with spline real estate, gearbox adaptor as well as cushion obstructs. four, For just about any crackle, serious deformation as well as immoderate deterioration, alternative is needed. 5, Examination from the gearbox as well as substitute all of the closes, bearings as well as mounting bolts. 6, Substitute the entire gearbox when the things offers end up being broken or even abrased critically. 7, Examination associated with vibration dampers as well as substitute the actual unsuccessful types. To learn more   desander  about us  review  here :