GN shaker and centrifuge order regarding Africa Client

Even the necessary oil price is lower, and marketplace is still down. We nonetheless receive some small purchases to support life. The small requests added to help us make it through in the cold season. All of us thanks for the orders during the wintry time and definitely will support together with best price and trustworthy technical support.
1) Shale shaker from Clients
The client can also be end user for the shale shaker . The client get one liquid mud plant which will supply over 5 territory rigs at same time. On the other hand, the client also recycle a number of drilling mud and drilling waste from the rigsite. The consumer need to use shale shaker to treat the drilling squander management in first step to separate the solids particles. Then, they are drilling to use high speed decanter centrifuge to separate the small ones. Following these treatment, the thoroughly clean drilling mud can go back in liquid mud plant to get reuse.
The clients likewise buy some shale shaker screens, and other one year encouraged spare parts for backup. Whenever you want, the spare parts may meant for the operation.
decanter centrifuge 3
2) Decanter centrifuge to get liquid mud plant
The actual clients choose high speed, shifting speed, high configuration decanter centrifuge, GNLW363CG-VFD. The centrifuge is GN star centrifuge, which have a 90% product sales amount in all centrifuge orders placed. The centrifuge bowl rate can be adjusted from some hundred or so to 3200RPM. The differential speed can also adjusted through 25 to 43. The actual pump feeding speed will also be adjusted with the PLC screen panels.
The high speed centrifuge can be used for solids control, mud cleaning system , waste drinking water treatment, solidification unit, dewatering decanter centrifuge etc . On a yearly basis, we sell over two hundred sets of GNLW363 collection decanter centrifuge, matched with good quality screw pumps to get feeding the decanter centrifuge.

The clients buy a single sets variable speed centrifuge and 1 screw pump for feeding centrifuge and in addition one year spare parts as copy.

As China leading solids control manufacturer of solids control equipment & drilling waste management equipment, GN Solids Control will surely support every client with high quality devices & reasonable price.

500bbl mud storage tank for oil and gas drilling

500bbl mud storage tank is a common size mud tank for oil and gas drilling rigs. I can be used for mud mixing system or mud storage system. For HDD or CBM drilling, they normally do not use such big size mud tank.

Below is the parameters of GN design 500bbl mud storage tank, it is rectangular Mud Tank built as per API specification Schedule 40:28 E

Mud tank usable capacity: 500 bbl approx.

Compartment quantity: the 500bbls mud tank can be divided into 1~3 compartments (Depends on customer request.)

Capacity of each compartment: 250 bbl approx.

Mud tank dimension W x H x L: 13500×3000 x2650mm Or customized dimension.

Electrical agitator model GNJBQ150-DD, with 36″ impeller, 2-layer impeller. 20 HP driving motor, 460V – 60 HZ, RPM 1750 or 380V – 50 HZ, RPM 1450.

Electrical mud agitator quantity ¨C 2~4 each, with 2~4 each mud gun

Sufficient agitation to mix up 17 ppg mud. Bottom mud guns installed quantity ¨C 4 each. Bottom mud guns installed size 2 in, model GNNJQ50A-3G, 3-nozzle mud gun.

6″ suction and 4″ discharge line on either end of the tank with female cam lock connection to other tanks.

4″ drain line with butterfly valve – 2,

8″ Equalizing valve between compartments- qty 2~3. Depends on compartment quantity.

Cover with Grating top, collapsible hand rails surrounding, dual access- escape ladder

Skid: It is skid Mounted 3 runner oilfield skid with V crimp walls, it is easy for oilfield movement.


Other advantages of 500bbl mud storage tank for oil and gas drilling

  1. Sand Blast Treatment before painting.
  2. External paint and internal coating
  3. Bottom painting for anticorrosive: Two pack Epoxy zinc, thickness 75 ¦Ì
  4. Middle painting: Two Pack Epoxy hi-build containing anticorrosive pigmentstwice, thickness 250 ¦Ì
  5. Surface painting: Surface pigmented with high quality light fast PU pigments, thickness 70 ¦Ì
  6. Standard: API&ISO Certified Manufacturer

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Compact GN Drilling Mud Agitator for Piling

Piling projects are common and common in numerous places of world. That’s why every year, GN Solids sells tens of Mud Agitator for Piling projects. GN Solids America has quite a few optional standard units offered.
Comparing with Oil and Gas drilling systems, solids control method for piling is much less customized. Equipments utilized in a standard capacity program is comparably steady. And because the separation result for piling mud treating program isn’t so higher, the treating procedure is much less complicated also.
GN has following table with typical Mud Agitator and corresponding equipments for choice:
Model GND-50 GND-120 GND-240
1 Capacity 50m3/h 120m3/h 240m3/h
2 Tank dimension 2.1×1.5×2.6m 3.05×2.0x1.2m 3.6×2.1×1.2m
3 Total Power 16.5Kw 32Kw 48.88Kw
4 Cutting Points 25 micron 50 micron 50 micron
5 Shale Shaker Model GNZS753( upper700x1250mm) £¨lower 2x750x900mm) GNZS753
( upper 700×1250)
£¨lower2x750x900) GNZS705
6 Desander Pump N/A GMZ100-30-120£¨30KW£? 100ZJA-33£¨45KW£?
7 Desilter Pump GMZ65-20-40(15KW) N/A N/A
8 Matching Pump 50YZ50-12 £¨5.5Kw£? 100YZ100-30£¨22Kw) 150YZ250-40B(37Kw)

When you have interest in above Mud Agitator, welcome to get in touch with me. If you consider above systems not rather match your jobsite condition, also welcome to make contact with me for customized solution. Besides mud recycling systems for Piling, GN also provide specialist HDD systems and solids control systems for Oil and Gas drilling rigs.

How to match mud agitator in mud tank:
Mud Agitator adjustment refer to fig V:

Mud agitator is a tiny unit made use of for the drilling fluids

Not simply applied within the mud mixing tank for mixing the drilling fluids using a selection of chemical, but also utilized inside the storage tank prevent the sediment.

GN mud agitator is with various explosion like ATEX and IE CEX. The motor energy is from 3KW(4HP) to 22 KW (30HP) to meet with distinctive sorts of density of mud. In line with the distinctive deep of mud tank, GN is able to present the single, double even the triple impeller in order to effectively mix the drilling fluid. Also, there is an extremely crucial information shoppers have to have to supply to us will be the length of shaft. Regard towards the length of mud agitator, we are capable of fabricating shaft and installing with stabilizer around the bottom of tank. Technically, the effective functioning diameter of mud agitator is three meters. On the other hand, the corner of mud tank is want to make use of the GN mud gun to stop the mud sediment. So, GN mud agitator and mud gun are standard unit equipped on the mixing tank and storage tank.

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GN Mud Agitator design in 2014 year

GN mud agitator manufacturer tend to be worldwide acknowledged with regard to spectacular reduces within exercise solids waste materials release as well as optimum recuperation associated with drilling liquids. The actual GNCD930 Mud Agitator utilizes centrifugal pressure in order to dried out drilled solids within essential oil or even artificial bottom liquids.

The actual GNCD930 Mud Agitator may be carried out rigid stability screening for those main rotary elements to reduce vibration & sound. Additionally, it set along with person essential oil lubrication program along with automated security alarm with regard to stress restrict. The primary engine as well as essential oil push is actually interlocked with one another with regard to staying away from the beginning of the primary engine before the start of essential oil push.


The actual GNCD930 Mud Agitator provides providers crucial benefit within conference progressively strict environment guidelines with regard to cuttings fingertips. Along with assisting providers all over the world fulfill environment needs, the actual GNCD930 Mud Agitator enhances general cost-efficiency. Useful drilling liquids could be retrieved through cuttings, in addition to entire dirt dropped through shaker failing as well as rig movement. The actual GNCD930 Mud Agitator works well along with oil-, as well as synthetic-base drilling liquids as well as reduces waste materials quantity, significantly decreasing fingertips expenses. To learn more. Make sure you really feel liberated to connection with GN Solids Manage.

gnsolidsamerica is one of the most awaited events about made new equipment. I was excited to come across cheap Mud Agitator without leaving the confines of my home. This virtual offered a high quality of the equipment at economical prices. Our official website will provide you with more services, and look forward to your visit:

Mud Agitator Increase speed ways

GN Mud Agitator tend to be high-efficiency mud-mixing models provided within several customized dimensions as well as designs to support almost any dirt container. Every Mud Agitator is made for the particular applicaion.

GN Mud Agitator is really a large program that employed for storage space, procedure, drilling dirt. Fluid dirt vegetation happen to be constructed onshore close to numerous deepwater drilling websites globally since the require fro drilling as well as conclusion liquid broadened. the majority of LMP’s function a number of drilling areas as well as requirements. Combining drilling dirt is really a required procedure within LMP. GN Mud Agitator may be the usually gear employed for combining liquids.


gnsolidsamerica is really a company  that a Solids Control producer within the far east. Just about all GN Mud Agitator make use of explosion-proof engine as well as oil equipment container. All of us make use of a Helical-bevel equipment device to show the actual impeller. this particular extremely effective gearbox provides a 89% energy move, that is around 55% greater than a earthworm generate gearbox. Numerous customers bought Mud Agitator for his or her task. To learn more regarding Mud Agitator. Make sure you connection with GN Solids Manage.

People are excited with the prospect of equipment. I was no different and wanted to get the discount Mud Agitator. This is where the idea of virtual shopping proved to be helpful. I got the perfect solids control to look good. If you want to know GN product Information, please contact here.


Choosing the best Mud Agitator

GN mud agitator manufacturer are utilized in several commercial programs. for example: commercial, meals digesting, Chemical substance slurry and so on. GN essential software is actually solids manage within drilling business. gnsolidsamerica is really a best Mud Agitator factory within The far east. we are specific within style as well as produce, Mud Agitator. Each year all of us exported close to a hundred and fifty models Mud Agitator globally. Numerous customers conferred with all of us regarding choosing the best Mud Agitator for his or her software.


 Right now I am discussing the encounter as well as understanding of choosing the best Mud Agitator. There are numerous associated with elements that impact the actual isolating capability of the centrifuge. for example geometric style and also the dish pace. length-diameter percentage associated with dish L/D, conical angel associated with dish, Along environment area as well as lenth associated with drying out area and so on. length-diameter percentage associated with dish L/D. The bigger the interior size associated with dish is actually, The higher the total amount is actually dealt with through Mud Agitator, Nevertheless, because of the power associated with supplies. The actual Mud Agitator along with big dish size, reduced pace as well as little L/D is usually employed for the actual supplies that have big strong contaminants dimension as well as higher focus, as well as that are simple to end up being divided. Generally. with regard to supplies along with higher levels as well as program contaminants. the actual Mud Agitator along with L/D Q2 ought to be chosen. for that supplies that are hard to become divided. the actual Mud Agitator along with L/D R3 ought to be chosen. to learn more regarding choosing the best Mud Agitator.

Most factory want to look good in the equipment. I was benefited from getting the cheap Mud Agitator to meet my requirement. gnsolidsamerica offered widest collection of equipment with quick delivery service and secure payment option.