GN 500 GPM mud recovery system for HDD and CBM rig

500GPM is really a normal size mud recovery system utilized for horizontal directional drilling or CBM drilling rig. China top solids control manufacturer: GN Solids Control offers different plans 500GPM system to suits for various customers’ demands. All below standard GN 500 GPM mud product is turnkey solution. The machine has lighting system and electrical control system for direct use.

Option 1: GNMS-500B mud recovery system, double deck shaker with 6m tank.0224 500gpm mud recycling system

It’s an economic standard system suits for customer who desires 500GPM system but don’t need large storage or very fine separation. The machine is by using 2 phase separation. It’s having a double deck shale shaker, with desilter cone on the top from the shale shaker. The underside screen can be used like a shale shaker and also the top deck screen utilized as a desilter. A mixing product is built within the system. There’s no agitator or mug gun for that system. It has compact design and effective price.

Option 2: GNMS-500G mud recovery system, shale shaker, and mud cleaner with 10m tank.

It’s 3 stage separation systems having a middle size storage tank. There’s a shale shaker because the 1rst stage separation. A mud cleaner with 1 ea. 10’’ desander cone and eight ea. desilter cone. A mixing product is built-in the machine. As well as an agitator along with a mud gun for that system.

Option 3: GNMS-500GL mud recovery system, shale shaker, mud cleaner with 12m tank.

GNMS-500GL mud recovery product is with similar equipment with GNMS-500G. Because the tank is larger size, there’s an additional agitator and mud gun for that system.

Normally, there are three methods for the desanding unit for connecting using the trenchless drilling rig

1) The standard condition is, the operator can search a mud pit at the drilling rig. Dirty mud from drilling rig would go to mud pit for settle lower first. You will see a slurry pump sump in to the mud pit and transfer mud from mud pit to shale shaker. After which, centrifugal pump can transfer mud from shaker tank to desander after which desilter.

2) An alternative choice is the fact that, you will see a little tank before shale shaker as alternative of mud pit. Dirty mud from well mind would go to the settle lower tank first, after which moved to shale shaker through slurry pump.

3) There’s several jobsite, the mud will flow to shale shaker from Horizontal directional drilling rig machine, much like gas and oil drilling rig. It’s not normal in horizontal directional drilling rig site layout.

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500bbl mud storage tank for oil and gas drilling

500bbl mud storage tank is a common size mud tank for oil and gas drilling rigs. I can be used for mud mixing system or mud storage system. For HDD or CBM drilling, they normally do not use such big size mud tank.

Below is the parameters of GN design 500bbl mud storage tank, it is rectangular Mud Tank built as per API specification Schedule 40:28 E

Mud tank usable capacity: 500 bbl approx.

Compartment quantity: the 500bbls mud tank can be divided into 1~3 compartments (Depends on customer request.)

Capacity of each compartment: 250 bbl approx.

Mud tank dimension W x H x L: 13500×3000 x2650mm Or customized dimension.

Electrical agitator model GNJBQ150-DD, with 36″ impeller, 2-layer impeller. 20 HP driving motor, 460V – 60 HZ, RPM 1750 or 380V – 50 HZ, RPM 1450.

Electrical mud agitator quantity ¨C 2~4 each, with 2~4 each mud gun

Sufficient agitation to mix up 17 ppg mud. Bottom mud guns installed quantity ¨C 4 each. Bottom mud guns installed size 2 in, model GNNJQ50A-3G, 3-nozzle mud gun.

6″ suction and 4″ discharge line on either end of the tank with female cam lock connection to other tanks.

4″ drain line with butterfly valve – 2,

8″ Equalizing valve between compartments- qty 2~3. Depends on compartment quantity.

Cover with Grating top, collapsible hand rails surrounding, dual access- escape ladder

Skid: It is skid Mounted 3 runner oilfield skid with V crimp walls, it is easy for oilfield movement.


Other advantages of 500bbl mud storage tank for oil and gas drilling

  1. Sand Blast Treatment before painting.
  2. External paint and internal coating
  3. Bottom painting for anticorrosive: Two pack Epoxy zinc, thickness 75 ¦Ì
  4. Middle painting: Two Pack Epoxy hi-build containing anticorrosive pigmentstwice, thickness 250 ¦Ì
  5. Surface painting: Surface pigmented with high quality light fast PU pigments, thickness 70 ¦Ì
  6. Standard: API&ISO Certified Manufacturer

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The Recycling system of Solids Control Equipment

We’ve spoken about GN mud recycling system for ZJ 70D rigs, in the previous discussions, all of the tools including tanks happen to be acknowledged. Today we wish to share you some information on the recycling procedure for this complete mud system for ZJ 70D rig.


The drilling mud originates from well is sent to those two shale shakers concurrently or individually. Mud is treated through the shaker in the beginning normally the solids diameter as much as 100 microns could be separated. Then your treated mud is flowing towards the sinking compartment.


To be able to have a healthy and stable atmosphere from the drilling mud, it has to exhaust the interior gas ahead of time. By utilizing vacuum degasser, the gas in mud could be removed. Then your mud is overflowed to desander compartment by overflow funnel. Mud can be treatable by desander cyclones, whose mud is given with a centrifugal pump. Then the mud is treated by desilter clones, the solids could be separated towards the diameter below 20 microns.


Through the separation of shale shaker, desander and desilter, the mud is comparatively clean, but it isn’t enough when you want to make use of this mud for drilling. Each one of these mud is going to be given by submersible pumps to 2 decanter centrifuges. Usually the first is medium speed, while the second is high-speed. It is because the very first decanter centrifuge can be used for separating probably the most solids inside a great quantity, and also the second decanter centrifuge can be used for separating much finer solids. With these two decanter centrifuges, the solids diameter can achieve to two microns to five microns. This clean mud could be overflowed to purified compartment by overflow funnel.


Simultaneously, the clean mud could be weighted for deep drilling usage. With this part, we’ll talk is the next time. If you have questions regarding GN mud recycling system, thanks for visiting give us a call directly or simply send us an email at

800gpm mud recycling system

GN made mud gun’s working principle

GN Mud Guns are mostly used for offering supplemental or primary mixing in mud tanks relying on the amount of guns are utilized, and the same with the tank proportions.

GN Solids Control America mud guns own  an excellent quality which is actually quite seem like lots of world well known brand for instance like Derrick Mud gun. The mud gun has 3 nozzles to have adequate agitating around. The rotation version can be rotated to 360 degrees. Our mud gun can carry a working pressure of 6.4Mpa. We have various sizes accessible. The diameters range from 2 inch or 3 inch.

GN Solids Control can make customized length mud guns for worldwide clients. Just recently GN Solids Control has acquired quite a few inquiries on specific sized mud guns.

Naturally we all known, mud guns have the function of agitating mud like mud agitators. Our mud agitators are extremely well-liked too. We have diverse size agitators to fit different size tanks. Our new model mud agitators adopt soft coupler connection between gear box and motor. GN designer are dedicated on every tiny details to protect the gear box and motor from destruction when motor and gear box are not aligned.

GN mud guns are particular suited to utilize in the tank corners to keep solids from settling. Sometimes, a mud agitator is also positioned in the tank center, for more information, you could contact with our Sales Consultant.