GN Solids America is ready for OVER THE COUNTER oil show

After 2 days busy working time, all of us transport our solids control equipment to the OTC olive oil show site, put it inside correct position, and organise the decoration of the present stand and other auxiliary things. Now, we are ready for the approaching visitors. The equipment for the indicate include vertical cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge, shale shaker. Below will give more details:

Usable cuttings dryer
Vertical cuttings dryer is used for drilling waste management. GN Up and down cuttings dryer is now the actual 4th generation after bettering based with rich work site experience in the past 3-5 yrs. GN Solids Vertical cuttings dryer now can work secure and high efficient throughout hard environment, extreme warm area in Algeria in addition to Kuwait, extreme cold place in Russia.

Decanter centrifuge
Decanter centrifuge is used extensively, different bowl size centrifuge with different speed, can work various application. We have only one product for vertical cuttings dryer, but we have one family members model for centrifuge.
GNLW553 and GNLW453 is GN big bowl, big amount centrifuge which is used for quick drilling. But actually, made clients want to use these product centrifuges because of the higher price tag.

2016 OTC decanter centrifuge

GNLW363 is the most popular unit centrifuge which can be used for several purpose. The 14inch jar centrifuge is equivalent to USA company centrifuge, eg. Derrick DE1000 centrifuge or Swaco 518 centrifuge.
GNLW363 centrifuge works extremely well for oil drilling solids control or drilling spend management. The speed can be adjusted by means of variable speed control panel stepless. This centrifuge might also used for waste water remedy with super high speed 3800RPM.
This time we take latest type GNLW363 centrifuge to OVER THE COUNTER oil show and we are sure that our centrifuge will attract many visitors.

Shale shaker
Put into effect our 4 panel shale shaker GNZS594 there in order to OTC, some shaker screen also there. Including substitution screen for Swaco Mongoose shaker, replacement screen regarding Derrick shaker, replacement screen for NOV brandt california king cobra shaker.

Welcome to OVER THE COUNTER, our stand is 1652-a & 9732. OTC spot: NRG Park, Houston.

Gn America Shaker screen program step

Shaker screen program consists of 3 courses solids manage phases. The very first phase GNSD400 sheld drilling dirt program includes GNZS83-3BF shale shaker with regard to testing. The 2nd as well as 3rd phase contain ZQJ300 desander, ZQJ125 desilter, two models fine sand pump motor. The primary operating theory is actually utilizing shaker screen to provide adequate energy for that cyclone, then your drilling dirt may key in the actual cyclone with regard to centrifugal isolating. The actual drilling dirt may be processed.

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The actual dirt recycling where possible bodies part along the way tend to be: recycling where possible, as well as refining drilling liquids along with plenty of cuttings in the wellhead. this technique may get rid of sands over 1.0mm in dimensions, and provide drilling rigs along with happy drilling liquids. Make sure just about all components versatile as well as upon good shape.

Just about all tools about the container ought to maintain thoroughly clean whilst utilized. Just about all fine sand, drinking water from the tanks ought to be piped away. Be cautious in order to the caliber of tools whilst transport. The actual electrical sections ought to be taken care of specifically. The actual pictures tend to be connected because adopted. You will find pictures in most electrical solar panel too. With regard to additional information associated with GN shaker screen program, make sure you really feel liberated to get in touch with GN. A trustworthy online store will provide cheap shaker screen to the buyers. It will be great to have a glamorous appearance with the right selection of a equipment. This can make a supplier look presentable and honest,place the order right now. If you want to know more about us, pls visit our official website:


1B 振动筛 (1) Gnsolidsamerica is really a supplier associated with revolutionary services and products who are able to fulfill your requirements within shaker screen moving. We provide the broad profile in order to company companions within the Essential oil & Gasoline as well as Hydrocarbon Digesting Sectors, in order to companies as well as providers associated with Pulp & Document generators as well as Energy Era Vegetation in addition to with regard to clients within the Drinking water Remedy & Submission, Meals, Alloys as well as Fertilizer companies. The shale shaker screen can be found upon just about all continents along with product sales workplaces, support facilities as well as reps within a lot more than a hundred and fifty nations world wide. Shaker screen as well as IDEX Pump motor Systems Restricted includes a dedication in order to adhere to needs associated with We. DURANTE ISO 9001: 08, and also to adhere to the actual notice and also the nature associated with present OH&S laws rules along with other needs. Because moving for all of us isn’t just a company however the enthusiasm, all of us run the actual shaker screen industry’s largest system associated with support facilities to be able to assistance the customers within the procedure of the moving along with other revolving gear. The providers consist of instruction, precautionary upkeep, extra components, alternative sends, retrofits, area providers as well as maintenance. I am a equipment enthusiast and like to keep a track with the latest development in the industry. This is where I was thrilled to get in touch with this online store that is specialized in offering equipment, one can get the equipment according to the events such as shaker screen and more. I was happy to get this item and it was inspiring collection. The equipment was available in a wide variety sizes. They can choose the color which complements well with their structure. Welcome to visit our home page:

Shaker screen would be the damaged items of strong supplies

Shale shaker screen would be the damaged items of strong supplies taken off the actual borehole, Since the exercise little bit grinds rubble in to exercise equipment, These types of shaker screen turn out to be entrained within the dirt circulation as well as transported towards the area. In the past, in the rig website the actual shaker screen remaining in order to dried out normally after which bulldozed or even protected along with organic dirt. Using the enhancement associated with people’s environment awareness and also the improvement associated with shaker screen remedy technologies. Now drilling Providers need to utilize considerable liquid recuperation as well as cuttings fingertips techniques.

 GN Solids Manage like a professional with regard to Solids/liquid splitting up. the brand new created shaker screen happen to be offered to a lot of drilling businesses or even Drilling waste materials administration businesses with regard to drilling cuttings fingertips. GN shaker screen is really a gadget designed to use centrifugal pressure in order to dried out drilled solids within essential oil or even artificial bottom liquids. It had been modified in the fossil fuel business exactly where they’re accustomed to individual slurries associated with fossil fuel. The look associated with reducing clothes dryer contain an excellent nylon uppers display installed on the revolving container which creates centrifugal pressure with regard to splitting up.

Most factory want to look good in the equipment. I was benefited from getting the cheap Shaker screen to meet my requirement. Gnsolidsamerica offered widest collection of equipment with quick delivery service and secure payment option. GN Solids Manage may be the very first API licensed Solids Manage Tools producer within The far east. With regard to much more infomation associated with shaker screen. Make sure you really feel liberated to connection with GNcompany’s technical engineers,more click here: