The Cuttings Discharge Pump

The CDP is really a safe and efficient vacuum system made to collect drilling solids on the continuous basis and discharge them into drilling waste containers around the rig.  The machine is fully contained reducing contact with drilling wastes.

Air moves with the system at high velocity in the cuttings get point, through the cuttings discharge pump towards the airflow source, the primary air mover.  The drill cuttings are acquired in mid-air stream, communicated and subsequently deposited into certainly one of multiple drilling waste containers. Within the standard configuration, as much as 18 drilling waste containers could be used previously, supplying a containment volume more than 110m³.  The CDP provides and air lock between your dropout hopper and also the discharge chute enabling the continual vacuum assortment of drilling waste into drilling waste containers.

Benefits and features Of CDP

1/ Rotary type cuttings discharge pump – offers an air lock between your drop-out and recover tank and discharge chutes, enabling the continual collection and relieve drill cuttings

2/ Discharge chute – remotely operated with up / lower and 270° spinning actuator

3/ Drop-our recover y tank – provides 2m³ containment volume

4/ remotely operated telescopic arm – allows the career from the discharge chute to hide to 18 drilling waste containers

5/ Control platform – the remotely operated cuttings transfer product is operated from one elevated location supplying a breathtaking view within the containment procedures

6/ Continuous vacuum collection and relieve drill cuttings

7/ High containment capacity because of the telescopic arm delivering cuttings to no more than 18 drilling waste containers

8/ Low resource requirement because of the arm being run by one individual only

9/ Contact with drill cuttings reduced because of remote operation

10/ Decrease in manual handling of suction hoses or dump chute because of the remote operation from the telescopic arm and discharge chute.


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