GN 40ft Containerized Drilling Cuttings Waste Management System for Russia

Drilling cuttings normally means the solids discharges from the shale shaker, desilter and desanders of the solids control system of a drilling rig. Although by using the solids control system, the drilling fluids are recycled back to the mud system for the next step drilling, the cuttings discharged from shakers and hydrocyclones are still wet. They contain a certain amount of expensive drilling fluids and also are so harmful to be discharged directly.

In most countries of the world, it is a must that alongside each drilling rig, there should be a set of waste management system to treat the drilling cuttings before discharged or buried. Like in Russia, more and more drilling jobsites are in need of the drilling cuttings treatment systems. GN containerized drilling cuttings waste management system are ideal solution for them and they are satisfied with the performance of GN systems. This system gives a closed loop for the drilling cuttings and recycled fluid with following equipment and procedure:

  1. Screw conveyor GNSC are used to collect the drilling cuttings from the shakers and mud cleaners. Then, transported by a inclined screw conveyor, the cuttings are fed to next equipment.
  2. It is a GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryer, which is functioning like a drying program in a washing machine. It is used to reduce the oil on cuttings to reach to lower than 5%. After the vertical cuttings dryer, the fluid discharged falls into a catch tank below the dryer, then ,to be transported by a screw pump.
  3. A screw pump here is used as feeding pump for the centrifuge, GN always cooperates with Netsch, which is a famous German brand.
  4. Then, GNLW363CG-VFD comes as the final treatment, it could remove all particles from 2 to 5 microns from the liquid.

In this system, in order to give a heat isolation for the systems to be used in extreme cold condition and also for easier transportation, GN designed the system into a compact 40 ft container.

For more information, welcome to contact GN directly.


GN Shaker Screen Stock Plan (B)

We are discussed on the GN shaker screen distributor agreement ahead of, today we would like to pick up in which topic can continue the conversation.
4. GN Supplier has the right to return greatest 500 pieces brand new GN shaker screens to GN houston warehouse at GN Distributor’s cost, return time is 7 days before the finish of the first year’s share agreement, example: if GN Distributor and GN fixed the stock agreement with Aug. 10th, 2016, in that case GN Distributor can give back maxmim 500 pieces coming from Aug. 3rd to August. 9th, 2017. All expense related to returnning those projection screens to GN Houston stockroom will be borned by GN Distributor.
5. GN solids control  takes those returned GN new screens. Stock plan will probably be proceed based on GN Distributor’s screen demands, so GN Distributor stock qty. could reach to 1000 bits at the end of the first cooperation 12 months.
6. This stock deal between GN and GN Distributor will be valid for just two years unless GN in addition to GN Distributor decide to lengthen the cooperating period. Every one of the balance credit will be determined and paid at the end of the 2nd cooperation year within a week.

shaker screen1
Notice: For some screens which not used a lot particularly for those old screens for example National screens, they are usually not supplied in this stock agreement, fully need to be paid before production. But for the other shale shaker projection screens, such as repalcement Venom window screens, Mongoose screens, Derrick window screens, GN Solids America LLC has no problem to commodity for you.
In the future, GN Solids America LLC will share composite material type (replacement Venom or Mongoose) to get GN distributor. Compare to typically the metal frame screens, blend material screens can be stacked for a longer time (you could inventory for over 2 years without any damage), the life period is lengthier and the separating performance is more preferable.

GN Solids Control is attending OTC necessary oil show

OTC oil demonstrate is much close, which will be maintain in 2-5 May, 2016, in Houston, TX, US. After about 3 month’s preparation, GN Solids Control is ready for the big event today. We have two booths at this time there to deeper our manufacturer influence and we bring our own key equipment to show generally there, including latest model decanter centrifuge, latest model top to bottom cuttings dryer, High Gary the gadget guy drying shaker, shaker screen, mud cleaner. etc . The visitors may feel the high quality and high quality technology equipment by coming in contact with and watching the real products at the event.

1) 14inch bowl size decanter centrifuge
This size centrifuge can be popular as the wide plan and good price. Often the GNLW363 14inch bowl centrifuge is equivalent to Swaco 518 CENTRIFUGE / Derrick DE1000 centrifuge. But the price of USA centrifuge is much higher than our brand name. We target on quality market and overseas industry. The price is much better when compared with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA brand, but our cost is relatively higher than other The far east brand centrifuge.
2016 OTC decanter centrifuge
2) GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryer
GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryer is employed for drilling cuttings cure at rigsite or on one mud plant position where all cuttings transportation to the center location regarding final treatment. After remedying of GN vertical cutting h dryer, the oil upon cuttings can reduce to down below 5%. This is same operating performance as CSI dryer or SWACO dryer. GN vertical cuttings dryer actually put into market for over many years, and the mature product is reaping helpful benefits more drilling service businesses, good price, stable performing performance and less maintenance.

3) High G drying shaker
High G drying shaker is same as normal shale shaker. Just the G pressure is bigger. This model is mostly used for water structured mud drilling cuttings remedy. After treated, the necessary oil on cuttings can be decreased to about 10% to be able to 20%.
GN composite substance screen, replacement for Swaco Mongoose shaker screen will be additionally showed at the OTC affair.
If you come to the OVER-THE-COUNTER, pls send us email address to make an appointment. My electronic mail ID: roy@gnsolidscontrol. co , appreciate your sharing reading.

HDD Equipment Selection Guide-1 Drilling Rigs

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) definitely has a positive vibe to it these days, giving the industry the proverbial bounce in its step and a good jolt of long-term optimism. From water and sewer work to oil and gas to the fiber optic/telecom market, HDD seems to be enjoying a buoyancy it hasn’t felt in a long while.

With the fiber and telecom market gaining more momentum and strength, it has offset the tepidness HDD manufacturers say they are experiencing in the oil and gas market. HDD saw a tremendous surge in work the last several years as well as the Bakken shale. The work involved new installations to meet the needs of shale gas production to repairing or replacing old lines.


One of the healthiest areas that HDD is enjoying a sweet uptick is in fiber optics and telecommunications. Broadband and cable providers are pushing to expand their networks all over the country to meet the incredible demand.

For HDD Rigs, we highly recommend Vermeer , TT


International HDD Rig Companies List:























Solids Control Systems for 750HP Workover Rigs

Last week, GN Solids Control has delivered to Middle East market equipments for complete systems for 4 sets of 750HP Workover Rigs, in around 2 months, such mentioned equipments will be seen working there.

For this order, such equipmentsare included:

  1. 8 sets of Shale Shakers, each 2 sets works as a couple. ,with model GNZS594E-HB.

This model of shale shaker uses 4 pieces of shaker screens, with a longer separation route and a better separation result. Shaker screens’ frame is composite material, for a longer service life.

  1. 4 sets of vacuum degasser GNZCQ270, unless US or European degassers which use an extra large power feeding pump. Such GN vacuum degasser haveself contain function.
  2. 4 sets of desander.
  3. 32 sets of centrifugal pumps.
  4. Mud guns, mud agitators and mixing hoppers.

In fact, lots of drilling companies are cooperation with GN, some purchase complete line from GN Solids Control, some purchase equipments from GN and source and design tanks in their local market. Some of them now using US or European brand equipments like Derrick and MiSwaco, and use replacement screens from GN Solids Control, they say they will consider GN’s equipments in future projects.

In field of oil and gas drilling and solids control and waste management for such projects, years before the world was occupied by European and US suppliers. But in recent years, Chinese companies are having louder voice. There are rig companies like RG, SG, HH and etc, and international standard solids control company GN. That’s why lots of drilling companies are now purchasing from China the rig package, it not only saves time for them, but also, saves money.

GN Solids Control is looking at the world in a international view, it has established branch company in USA, in name of GN Solids America, and started office is Russia, and cooperating with partners in Australia, Middle East, Africa and South America, in order to provide customers with one stop service.

May you need more information regarding solids control equipment or about GN, pls contact us freely.Solids Control System 7

Best Cuttings Dryer Design Come From China

The vertical-G dryer is GN 2nd generation with newest technologies. Compared with 1st generation, the 2nd generation is operating with air knife, so air compressor with 1Mpa is crucial,GN Solids America adjust the space in involving screen basket and flange to create it a lot more inexpensive. In addition to, we add the oil lubrication cooling plan to make the bearing inside far more trusted in the course of operating. Within this case, we test it in CNPC jobsite. The outcome is good with Water Mostly primarily based Mud testing material.

Pls verify on GN web page for info: GN drilling cuttings dryer is equal to CSI dryer, WSM-03 or WSM-04;yet another Part: flushing program functioning for vertical-G dryer,We’ve one particular specific flushing strategy for selection, this definitely is Netzsch Nemo pump to flushing inside from the vertical cuttings dryer and make it clean and prepared for use next time.

Element C: Frame functioning with cuttings dryer.

The client, who desires to move it versatile, could demand a stainless steel frame to make the entire package into a single aspect with greatest hook and down space for forklift.

GN Solids Handle because the initially Vertical cuttings dryer designer from China, it simulate the technologies from US and update with its individual believed, following really a number of situations self-testing and as per feedback from overseas and local user, the operating functionality Is superior and might satisfy the vital user’s will want.

here, i want to say also Solids Control Method Applied in Mining Project,in other word,not only cuttings dryer field but also other field.

gn functionality and cost benefits

Functionality Report: Brazil: One certain GN-3 Shaker Outshines 3 in Profitable South America Debut

The new-generation GN-3 triple USA desilter was engineered to supply operators an ideal mixture of higher efficiency, adaptability, enhanced operate atmosphere and reduction in space specifications. Operating in each the progressive and balanced elliptical motion, the compact GN-3 shale shaker is exceptional in that it may well adapt speedily as drilling situations and cuttings volumes modify.

To quantify the functionality and cost benefits of the GN-3, when compared with conventional shale shakers beneath the ever-changing drilling circumstances and specifications, an aggressive comparative field trial was undertaken about the Diamond Ocean Star semi-submersible rig, which generally employed 4 cascade shakers. The test may very well be carried out throughout the remainder inside the OGX 1-OGX-28-D-RJS exploration correctly in Brazil?ˉs Campos Basin. The field test represented the initial use around the GN-3, offshore in South America.

For the comparison, one unique of one’s current rig cascade shakers was removed and replaced with an GN-3, which was installed with no HSE incidents. This configuration allowed the three rig shakers to become applied in conjunction with all the GN-3, because of this enabling the collection of aggressive comparison information and facts. The key objectives in the test had been:

Test the flow handling capacity in the GN-3 desilter in comparison using the existing rig cascade shakers.

Prepare a qualitative assessment around the solids handling and conveyance capacity around the GN-3 shale shaker in comparison with the current rig cascade shakers.

Measure the screen life of your GN-3 shaker and examine it towards the screen usage of the existing rig cascade shakers and historical GN-3 screen usage data 3 tests had been performed which involves all round functionality, screen life and QHSE perspectives, the single GN-3 shaker surpassed the three existing rig shakers in all the head-to-head comparative evaluations. Even when outfitted with bigger API designation screens, the GN-3 did not expertise the regular flow restrictions within the previously employed four-cascade shaker configuration and correctly processed in the complete nicely flow cost. The GN-3 exhibited its capacity to adapt conveniently towards the rapid ROP encountered in each the top rated and intermediate successfully intervals.

For the duration of drilling from the 12 ? in. section, all the shakers removed a cumulative 561.75 bbls (89.311m3) of cuttings, excluding any washout around the open hole. The single GN-3 shaker processed 75%, amounting to 421.31 bbl (66.98 m3) from the total cuttings removed within the 12 ? in. hole, even though the 3 rig cascade shakers combined processed the remaining 140.44 bbl (22.33 m3).


Further, throughout 12 ? in. interval, the screens with all the 3 existing cascade shakers skilled catastrophic failures, even though the GN-3 screens were repaired very simply and returned to service. Whilst the GN-3 processed 75% of one’s total flow in each the intervals tested, in comparison with all the three cascade shakers it accounted for only 33% in the damaged screens that had to be scrapped. When calculated for comparative screen life, the GN-3 screens realized a 12-fold higher service life and utilization compared to the rig cascade shaker screens, thereby saving drastically in connected screen cost.

The general general overall performance with all the GN-3 via the comparative field trial was practically nothing at all speedy of exceptional, effectively validating its operational and economic benefits. Via the trial, a single GN-3 appropriately processed nearly 300 additional bbl of cuttings than 3 cascade shakers combined employing the utmost in reliability and screen life. If you would like more information, please visit here.