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Because best producer associated with absolutely no search drilling dirt tools within The far east, GN Solids Control offers gathered a summary of biggest absolutely no search rig producers, and also have an over-all look at of these. Remarkably, not just one Say goodbye to Witch exercise had been existing, using their whole sales space concentrated just on the recently obtained Hammerhead item selection. United states Augers showcased their own brand new quick setup zillion lb device, a minimum of via paperwork as well as pictures. Remarkably, which device could be setup as well as in position inside half an hour, that is practically uncommon within the big maxi rigs.Image

 The actual Worldwide Downturn in the economy offers impacted nearly every part from the planet, along with a few places getting already been impacted in order to a better level compared to other people. Companies that experienced Solids Control at hand about a minute all of a sudden discovered all of them escape the following. Nearly immediately, the actual scenery from the whole business transformed. In the event that you are looking at no-dig rigs as well as drilling tools, please get in touch with GN Solids Control,more click here.

GN giving Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter Centrifuge within the solids manage program acquires much less interest compared to additional tools such as shale shaker, dirt solution and so forth. Actually, Decanter Centrifuge have a great part since the giving Decanter Centrifuge for that drilling dirt.

Decanter Centrifuge is actually 1 kind centrifugal Decanter Centrifuge using the framework associated with up and down solitary phase as well as solitary suction overhung. Thinking about the higher focus contaminants from the drilling dirt, the actual Decanter Centrifuge consists of abrasion-resistant metal, there isn’t any showing as well as gland close off between your impeller as well as Decanter Centrifuge entire body. So it’s maintenance-free as well as higher tempreture opposition.

Decanter Centrifuge is actually 1 kind perfect gear to supply inspiration with regard to desander, desilter as well as centrifuge,contact us  by website.

We’re able to observe frequently within the total essential oil drilling rig dirt cleansing program, the actual submersible slurry pump motor is actually well-liked utilized since the giving Decanter Centrifuge in order to move the actual drilling dirt in the bottom container towards the decanter centrifuge.Decanter Centrifuge


What kind of Decanter centrifuge will be exhibited in the show?

Decanter centrifuge will play a major role in the OTC exhibition including positive pressurized VFD+PLC control of GNLW363VFD and big volume decanter centrifuge GNLW553VFD.High standard manufacturing line and advanced CNC Lathe guarantee the centrifuge stability and performance. Duplex stainless steel and Tungsten carbide tiles protect the bowl and screw propeller from rust and part damaged. SKF Bearing contributes the reliability of decanter centrifuge. Easy lifting bar and smart close button is much thoughtful for the operator. Also, GN High speed and precision design effectively separate the fine particle to achieve the requirement.

Duplex stainless steel and tungsten carbide protection extend the propeller lifespan. Pressurized EX Proof VFD control cabinet with PLC controlled is easily operated by operator.

GN Solids Control Co., Ltd specializes sales, services and manufacturing of solids control, drilling waste management and all other related oilfield equipment.  We are totally committed to customer satisfaction,click here to know more.Decanter Centrifuge1